Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello Hello....

I don't know why I say goodbye, I say hello.... that's the song that's been in my head - I believe from the Beatles - because I wanted to say goodbye and made a 'Hello' card and instead of rounding things off I'm going to introduce you to our cat.... well it's all positive!!

This is a card I made with all scraps after a lovely lady gave me a bag of craft stuff - including some envelopes with loads of sissix tags, flowers, photoframes etc. At first I thought the tags looked like tombstones with the rounded top edge so I glued them to different shaped tags, now they look like mini houses.

This is Lucky, our cat. We have had him for at least 6 years now, maybe more. I was sitting outside yesterday evening enjoying the cool breeze watching the sun set and listening to the wind blowing through the Cypress tree (which is an awesome sound) and he came to keep me company (he always does that), so I thought I would take his picture.

(Books for the beach!)

Saturday we leave for Spain where I don't have Internet. I know of a cybercafé in a Chinese takeaway where I might check in now and again. I have been very busy getting our home ready for two families who will be renting it while we are away. It has been hot and muggy to work in too!! Alot of cleaning and emptying of cupboards, etc.! Luckily I have had help from my boys and a cleaning lady.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and until then - AU REVOIR - GOOD BYE and TOT ZIENS!!



  1. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Have a fabulous holiday.
    Very muggy but wet here today!!

    Gorgeous card & very sweet cat!
    Love that friends stamp.

  3. Have a beautiful, rested 'computer free' vacation!!!

    Your cat is a cutie pie and I love the sound of the tree.

    And the card is gorgeous.. I have to crack up about the tombstones... you are right! But super cute creative touch you did to turn them into houses!

  4. I wouldnt have cared for the tombstones either:) Good idea to turn them into little houses. Lots of ideas there, I think.
    Have a great holiday! Take some pictures:)

  5. e buon viaggio, signora Jacqueline!

  6. Hello Jacqueline ! your card is really beautiful and you have a sweet kitty !
    Happy holiday !

  7. Have a great visit to Spain!! Can't wait to hear of your travels when you get back!

  8. That Lucky is one cute kitty! Hope your holiday is the best ever! Have a safe and beautiful trip!

  9. Ik wens je een heel fijne vakantie toe, en ik hoop dat je vakantie zo mooi mag zijn als onze vakantie.
    Jammer dat dit zo snel voorbij gaat.

  10. Your card is gorgeous. Love the pic of the cat :)

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation :)

  11. I love this card, gorgeous colours !

  12. Great card, love the colours.

  13. Have a wonderful holiday! I love your cards and your kitty! :)

  14. Looks like you have some good reading material. Have fun on your vacation.

  15. miss your posts and you visiting my blog. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!


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