Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sewing on cards and other techniques

I love this collage stamp from HA and I'm going to get good use out of it trying it out with different techniques. Here I used distress inks on acetate, sprayed with water and placed the paper over the top - let it dry then stamp.

This card is distressed as well. The lilacs are stamps from SU! which just lend themselves to this kind of stamping collage.

I discovered this box at the bottom of one of my cupboards - yes I found my materials again!! I knew I could never have been so stupid to give them away.. I gave alot away, but luckily I still have a box so that I can use fabric on cards.

This is one of them - a piece of green fabric as basis for this card and I stitched the stamped pieces onto it. It's advisable to use some sort of adhesive to keep the material in place otherwise it can shift when stitching and go crooked or bulky. I have learned through my mistakes.

I got a comment from 'Tinne' and I would like to write back to her but when I click on her name I don't get anywhere. Tinne if you are out there please give me a link!

Have a great sunday!


  1. Oh, I really like that middle one! That's a Jacquline card!
    I think you've got your inspiration back:)
    That box of fabric should help, too. Happy Sewing!
    (No, you did not see hand stitching on my card, it was part of the patterned paper:)

  2. Sorry, I typed your name wrong, Jacqueline!

  3. All the cards are lovely! How fun to find your box of fabric, I love unearthing forgotten treasure.

  4. LOVELY cards! Your stitching is gorgeous! I love finding long missed treasures! Happy sewing!

  5. WOW, as always beauty down to every last detail. The green card is sooo pretty! I love it!

  6. WOW! These cards are brilliant! Your cards are always mini works of art!
    Lovely colours!

  7. Yay to find your fabric....I can't wait to see what you all come up with to do with it!!

    Beautiful cards!!!

  8. Gorgeous cards. I love the effect of using fabric.

  9. These are all so beautiful. Love those gorgeous colors on the top card. And the sewing that you are incorporating looks fabulous :)

  10. Love all of them. Great!!!


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