Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sneak Peek holiday spot

Andi gave me an idea to show you some photos of our holiday spot in Spain. The village is called Callela and is in the North of Spain on the Costa Brava. The above photo is of a little fishing harbour just next to the village we will be going too - it's called La Franc - but Callela looks just it. We always go to the beach here. Our sons love to search for treasures in the sea and this is the perfect spot for them. They have saved their treasures in shoe boxes.

This is downtown Callela - all the houses are white and look so beautiful against the blue sky. There are flowers everywhere! We love to sit on a terras and eat, my favourite being goat's cheese salad. They have lovely little shops everywhere too.

Leaving you today with a card made from my scrap basket. Still enough in there to mix and match and punch out!


  1. Oh so lovely!!!!!!
    What a great sneak peak!

    Can't wait to see the treasures found, the flowers, and a photo of your trip...
    Thank you!
    And, another beauty from your scrap basket!!!

  2. Oh my, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Have a fantastic holiday!

  3. Ik wens je een fijne en leuke vakantie toe, in zo een mooie streek.
    En bij je prachtige foto's staat er een schitterende kaart.

  4. Now I'm having vacation envy.

    Lovely card!

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos. Oh what a lovely vacation spot!

    And of course I love your scrap basket cards. You do amazing things from bits and bobs in your basket.

  6. love your scrap basket! Fun card with punches!

    Your holiday looks to be beautiful!

  7. lovely vacation spot, hope you have a wonderful time. Looks so relaxing.


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