Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grid cards

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my grid cards! If you decide to make one please send me a link, I would love to see your recycled cards!

Could not resist trying a vintage one... as I got a 'coup d'inspiration'! I have lots of loose papers in my craft basket with stamp images that didn't get a place on a project for one reason or another - so glad I don't throw anything away, and I just stamped on part of the image and pulled them together in a grid. I just love doing this!

Another project is:

A set of Christmas tags, reserved for special parcels.


  1. You seem to have the best scraps of anyone I know. Or maybe it's just you know what to do with them.
    I really like that grid card...the two circles in the middle bring it all together so nicely:)

  2. I am really loving your recycled cards Jacqueline - loving what you are creating at the moment. I am keen to have a go at this myself. Loving the grid car .... they are all so inspiring.

  3. Je hebt heel leuke ideën om met overschotjes te werken, ik doe hier weer massa's inspiratie op.
    Wat is het toch leuk om naar al je mooie kaartjes te komen kijken

  4. Anytime you want to send me your scraps... :) I will take them.. You make this look so easy.. I tried this for the masculine card challenge... The pieces didn't come together as beautifully as yours and they are now in my scraps pile. :)

  5. So cool.....I love that you use scraps.....I tend to use the stuff on my desk too...but you truly are a master at it! Love it!

  6. Thanks for making me look at my scraps with fresh eyes!

  7. Wat geef jij overschotjes een fantastisch nieuw leven! Heel erg mooi.


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