Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More recycled cards

Back again with more ideas. The card above is a scrap card, probably the easiest and quickest I have done and suitable for Christmas with a very strong message. These cards are quick and easy to make! It is about 5x5 inches, as are the cards below.

But first I have to share something that always impresses me about God. At the end of June I sent a package to Andi (RrlScrapGal) as I was having a clear out of my craft supplies. The package didn't arrive. I was disappointed as I had done everything possible (even filled in a custom's form which I often forget and the package arrives anyway) to make sure she got it. Three months had passed and just recently I perceived a heart voice questioning me if I had prayed for the package to arrive. I love the fact that God always prods me in the direction of exercizing my faith! So I prayed! Just yesterday I heard that the package had arrived - all in one piece too! I am awesomely amazed at how delicate prayer is. I have at times lost my faith in prayer and God has never forced or disciplined me about it - look how the Father pulls His children in love to pick up prayer issues and really believe Him for them. OK this is a small detail in life, but I believe God wants us to pray for EVERYTHING! OK point made.
Another testimony, I just have to tell you this - a while ago I had lost my camera and felt sure I had left it in the last hotel we were at. Three days passed and I was whining about my beloved camera.... until my DH says 'Have you prayed for it' - well - no, in fact I hadn't.... just 20 minutes later I was rummaging in a craft box and my eye fell on it just sitting there on the shelf - I must have walked past several hundred times... YES I BELIEVE IN PRAYER - all sorts - for everything in life, things that surround me, things that don't surround me directly but need it! What a challenge awaits us daily to trust the heavenly Father and to pray in Jesus Name!

So here are two more cards which have been recycled from last years Christmas cards. I stamped on them with a Joy for you definition stamp from Hero Arts.

Just rememberd these little Christmas tags that I recycled last year too.

Getting low on nice cards to recycle though - I will probably be attacking my birthday cards soon.... not the nice ones though!! LOL


  1. Thanks for the wonderful stories of what prayer can do for you! So moving and true!

    Love all the recycled cards! Just gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous cards and yes, God does listen!!!

    The package has so many treasures in it....

    I have some prayers I need to be saying more intently...

    Thank you so much for the reminders and beautiful thoughts for today.

  3. What a wonderful reminder, Jacqueline, that God cares about the big and small things:)

    I am so in love with that second card. Amazing how you got such wonderful scenes that all go together so nicely.

  4. Just LOVING all your scrap and recycled cards Jacqueline.

  5. Jacqueline... The cards are gorgeous.. I love how you recycled them into something more beautiful. I need the reminder on the prayers. I had an unsettling day and I always forget to look for guidance... I am glad you reminded me and your package helped your friend as well. :) I was just visiting her blog.

  6. Lovely cards.....You are making me think of the box of birthday cards I have in the other room! On my list of things to do someday....*try* to make cards as gorgeous as Jacquelines!

  7. Beautiful cards Jacqueline !! And I love the background on your blog!
    isa xxx

  8. these are beautiful cards, what a great idea!

  9. if we can trust God for the little, inconsequential things, how much more can we trust Him for the big important things in life. Thanks for the encouragement to pray "at all times". i just love your cards, the design is so unique, i always know which ones are yours on the HA blog. God Bless You!
    (i've been praying for you and your son since you shared about him going away to school.)


  10. Wow, so many cards... you spoiled us. I really do love the purple one and all the others ;-)

  11. I shall definitely have to save my Christmas cards this year - these are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing about prayer - I quoted you in my bible study meeting earlier in the week, and it really helped somebody. You're absolutely right - we do need to be dependent on God for everything! Even the littlest details of our lives.
    Ros x

  12. These are gorgeous Jacqueline all of them, the design is perfect and the tags are so pretty.


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