Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tag Tuesday - Circles

I want to thank everybody for the heart-warming comments I received on my last post about David. I felt so blessed! Thank you!

For this week's Tag Tuesday challenge I was thinking of a round tag but I should of thought of a normal shape tag and round shapes. After popping over to Sue's blog, I get the necessary inspiration and finally got something together! Thanks Sue - I'm also using the lovely brown twine you sent.

This was my first effort - a bit simple but the butterfly is under an acetate circle, which Sue also sent me and I have given it dimension with some tape.

This will be my last post until next week as I am going to Holland on Friday with DH and Joël to see our two other sons who are at Bible School and to attend the baptism of our eldest son Rodney. His father will baptize him, as he has all of his sons.

Will see you all very soon! Take care.


  1. Have a wonderful time with your boys (men!), Jacqueline...I'm rejoicing with you for this happy occasion! Such a faith-building answer to prayer.
    I love both of your tags...especially the circles grid, what a pleasant variation of your lovely grid designs.
    bless you~

  2. Both stamps are just lovely and very different.
    Enjoy Holland and the happy occasion!

  3. GORGEOUS! Love how you used the acetate over teh butterfly and the circles on the tag are beautiful. Love both of these and I originally had planned a round tag because you had done that before and I really loved how it turned out. Unfortunately I ruined three round tags last night. lOL! Have a blessed trip!

  4. I adore both your tags Jacqueline! I love that you don't waste anything and then you use these beautiful scraps as if they were made just for that very project! Love your Butterfly circle tag, so pretty with the acetate! Have a wonderful trip! I would have hoped that you would have received your parcel by now? I hope it gets to you!

  5. I like both of your very different and lovely! Enjoy your time away with your boys!

  6. Both tags are so different and yet both so pretty and beautiful.

  7. Jacqueline, thanks for coming to my blog to comment. I have a long, long list of blogs I visit, so I don't get to all of them every week. I have backed up and viewed a lot of your most recent posts and am so in awe of your ability to put things together so beautifully. It seems to come so naturally with you. I loved all the birds art you did. And always the butterflies are gorgeous.

    I have a 51 year old son who was born with anoxia, resulting in CP, but a very mild case/injury. Because he walked prissy as CP kids do, he was bullied from grade K - 12. Mama Bear would roar sometimes when her cub was verbally abused. I thank God for the joy he is bringing us now in our old age. He has always been far more loving than our Apgar 10 brilliant daughter. He never meets a stranger and is probably one of the most responsible people I know at his job. He is the father of the granddaughter that visited in the south of France a year and a half ago. He must have done something right for she has been accepted at 7 universities with fellowships to do a doctorate in chemistry, beginning next fall.

    I hope you do enjoy your time away. God bless you.

  8. Enjoy your visit with your family and I am so happy for your son's baptism! :) Both of your tags are beautiful, but I am in love with the circular tag with the lone butterfly and acetate... it's just gorgeous! lavender & roses - Susanne

  9. woooow beautiful tags,so pretty
    hugs Pia

  10. Hello Jacqueline,
    I wish you and your family very special days here in Holland!
    Both tags are gorgeous.
    Greetings, Judith

  11. Hoi Jacqueline,
    Wat zijn ze weer mooi zeg! Vooral die ronde. En wat een prachtig papier!
    Dus jullie komen naar Nederland?
    En begrijp ik nu goed dat je man jullie zoon gaat dopen? Wat fantastisch moet dat zijn voor een vader, en wat een bijzondere belevenis!
    Ik wens jullie een goede reis en een fijn verblijf in Nederland. Een gezegende doopdienst, veel waardevolle ontmoetingen en natuurlijk weer veilig thuiskomen!

  12. Both your tags are lovely Jacqueline. I love the round one with the butterfly. Very pretty. And how wonderful that you are getting to see your boys and how special that your husband gets to baptise his son... Gods blessing to you all. Travel safe

  13. I love that round butterfly tag! It's a beauty.

    Have a blessed time with your family! So special that it's your husband that baptises his sons.

  14. I love both your tags and have a wonderful trip to Holland.

  15. Both tags are equally beautiful - you have such a wonderful, romantic style. Enjoy your trip!

  16. Two beautiful tags Jacqueline, the round butterfly one is stunning! have a wonderful trip.

  17. So gorgeous! Enjoy your travels and we'll see you when you get back!

  18. Toch maar eens in het Nederlands:). Beide tags zijn adembenemend mooi. De tweede is mijn favoriet. De vlinder is zo mooi teer en het geheel oogt heel fragiel en fijn. Ik kan er uren naar kijken; het is fantastisch om te zien!
    Ga er in Nederland van genieten. Het zal een heel bijzonder doopfeest zijn; het is zoiets waardevols en moois. Ik wens je een paar weergaloze dagen. Even iets heel bijzonders en even iets heel anders. Goede reis en kom beilig terug!

  19. Well Jacqueline, I really love the circle tag with the butterfly, they both have this soft vintage feel, which is wonderful, great Tags, and have a safe trip.
    Thanks also for leaving me such a kind comment.
    I have decided to follow you as I always like what you are doing.

  20. Very pretty as usual. I enjoy reading your blog. I have something for you on my blog today that I would like to pass on. I hope you have fun with it!

  21. Lovely, gorgeous caards since my last visit Jacqueline! I so enjoyed my visit to LA and to the CHA. I were so lucky to meet all the guys from HeroArts - now I´m back home with a terrible jetlag :)
    Hugs Sanne

  22. Jacqueline, your round butterfly tag is gorgeous! (It's taken me a while to get around to everyone's blog this week as we had 24 inches of snow!) So happy for you that you are
    able to see DH baptizing your son. Hope you all travel safely.

  23. As usual, you made such beautiful tags - well done! I hope you have lovely time in Holland. What a blessing to see another of your sons baptized!


  24. WOW!!! Both of these look wonderful.. I just love your soft style..

    Hope you have a safe trip to Holland..

    Hugs, Linda

  25. Beautiful tag! Enjoy your trip!


Thanks so much for your visit - I so appreciate it!