Saturday, February 26, 2011

A blessing!

I have to share this little testimony. A sweet friend of mine brought me little signs of Spring in the form of the Mimosa flower this week. It blooms just one day and the scent it brings into the home is overwhelming! And everytime I forgot to take a photo! I had this thought in my heart that I wanted to share it with you on this blog, but my chance was gone. Yesterday morning as I was in the office, the phone rang.
It was my neighbour and she wanted to give me a huge bunch of Mimosa from her tree!! Now she never does this, so I was not only overwhelmed with her kindness but I knew in my heart that God wanted to bless me! Just simple, the conviction was there.
So I am sharing this bunch of God's creative goodness with you today. The first signs of Spring in this gorgeous yellow color!

Another little thing I wanted to share are these Cameo bowls I bumped into in the Sales. A little more than one dollar each. Luckily I was able to buy six of them. I was just looking for some unusual bowls!

And lastly here is my nature card:

Talking about yellow, the daffodils have shown themselves again and all the trees and shrubs etc. are showing signs of new life. I love that, its so uplifting.

I hope you have an uplifting weekend!


  1. How wonderful! Love that your spring has started and thank you for sharing the beautiful picture. We have awhile before we will see the spring flowers peeking out at us.

  2. Your mimosa looks so much like some of the wattles we have in Australia which usually flower in winter.
    I love the card, too.

  3. The mimosa branches are beautiful! The bowls are so precious. Your card is gorgeous - and inspiring, too. Will have to give the grid design a try some day.

  4. Adorable card Jacqueline! I love all the signs of spring too and am eagerly awaiting my bulbs opening in the garden ;) Your mimosa is stunning.

  5. What a wonderful blessing for you--and for us, thanks for sharing. I love those bowls, also a blessing as they are fabulous!And last, but not least--your card is stunning! Have a wonderful day.

  6. What beautiful flowers, friends and neighbors!!!

    Just a bunch of snow over here, still..
    But yesterday we got to see blue skies.. now THAT is nice!

    And the cameo bowls!!!! As Cath at the Moxie World would say....
    Moxie Fab!!!!

    GREAT find!!!!! GREATER price!!!!!

    Happy joys of spring.

  7. Wow, you are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing the picture of the flowers---and especially for sharing the story. What a find with the cameo bowls! Love the card, too. Your style is so soft and elegant---very soothing!

    Received your tag yesterday--absolutely adore it. The papers from Holland are such a treat too. Can't wait to use the stamped frame to make a tag myself. Thanks for such a wonderful treat in the mail Jacqueline!!

  8. Your testimony put tears in my eyes. A beautiful bouquet! Your cameo bowl is lovely. I have never seen one like that. I love your beautiful card. The little framed bird seems to be watching the world go by. Have a great week end Jacqueline and enjoy your wonderful weather! Susanne - lavender & roses Susanne
    (I can only leave a comment as Anonymous now, not sure why)

  9. Jacqueline, that Mimosa is so beautiful, what a lovely gift. Your card is lovely, I am constantly amazed at how you put your cards together, they always look wonderful.

  10. Wow! That Mimosa is so gorgeous, Jacqueline! What a lovely gift! I adore your card. . .so beautifully crafted, as always! Thanks for reminding me that Spring will come. I'm sitting here typing this and watching the snow fall, again, out my window. So yearning for Springtime! Hugs to you!

  11. What a beautiful post full of spring colors.
    Just what I needed to brighten up this cold day here.
    What sweet flowers for your neighbor to give you.
    I've never seen them before. Such a lovely spring card as well. Your just a breath of sweet spring air today!
    Hugs Lynn

  12. Oh Spring, what an awesome feeling! I love the birds that are singing incessantly in the morning! Love these beautiful flowers you received Jacqueline! What a stunning bright yellow! Love your grid card today, all those priceless little squares with the most beautiful images!

  13. Love the flowers, the bowl and the card ! Glad you are enjoying such a beautiful spring -- I am watching more snow fall!

  14. Oh mimosa... I sooooooooo miss that in February... brings back tons of memories. I can even smell them from here.
    Your card is truly beautiful
    isa x

  15. What a sweet neighbor and that a gorgeous bouquet of mimosa. Oh, I miss spring.

    Your card is just beautiful and so well put together. Love the soft colors.

  16. Love the promise of Spring showing on your post today! The mini daffodils are peeking though the ground by my front door. Can't wait. Love the card and the colors!!!

    I received my postcard tag in the mail today that I ordered from your information earlier this week!!! Thanks again for helping me!!!

  17. Fabulous photo of the Mimosa ~ sounds like the warmer spring weather is on it's way to you Jacqueline. It has been a hard winter so nice to see the signs that the change is coming. Love you nature card... so beautiful.

  18. I'm so glad you shared this wonderful blessing...God is so good! How sweet that He used your neighbor too! Those flowers are so beautiful and your photo captures their beauty. I'm loving the cute bowl too, what a find!
    As always your beautiful card is so inspiring...I so admire your wonderful talent for making beautiful art!
    bless you, dear friend!

  19. Wow! Truly a lovely gesture from your neighbor, beautiful flowers and that bowl is very exquisite, it is perfect for you! Love your nature card, such warmth!

  20. The mimosa is gorgeous; it's a beautiful sign of spring around the corner. And the smell is divine isn't it?
    I love these bowls; that's a super bargain!
    And your card? I;m impressed and in love. I love these subtle and muted colors; breathtaking!

  21. what a beautiful bouquet of mimosa! so springy and lovely. I also adore you gorgeous card - wonderful details and sweet images...always love your work! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  22. Beautiful flowers and card! I'm so anxious for Spring to come here in Iowa, USA!

  23. Alles prachtig Jacqueline! Ik vindt het altijd zo leuk dat je er ook een verhaal omheen hebt, is voor mij echt heel moeilijk. Maar... ja ... God is goed voor ons, wat zullen we het later fijn hebben!

  24. Your card is so very beautiful, Jacqueline!


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