Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from Holland

Nice to be back! I was on a trip to Holland to participate in a conference with DH for the Church.
There was one lady I wanted to visit. Because she had sent me a card I knew her address and it so happened that I was staying in a place just round the corner from her! I wanted to surprise her, so Monday afternoon I visited Wilmi from 'Bezig en Blij'.

She has the most amazing craft room and we had a lovely time chatting and drinking tea and lovely cake, until it was time to fetch her son from school. Wilmi is one of the most creative women I have ever met and she is just a lovely person. Here is her craft space:

There is one word to describe everything I saw as she showed me around her house and her garden: gezellig! Which means cozy in English. I just love her style!
I also picked up some inspiration from her, which is the following. I only had two screw tops from bottles of vegetables available so I used them to make these. Wilmi had several, all different sizes on her wall and they looked gorgeous.

I cut out the round shape with a template, glued it into the lid and just added a digital butterfly from Hero Arts and it was ready. I was thinking of adding dimensional tape to the back to fix it to a wall, when I have got several done.

This is my second one, very easy to make and very decorative on the walls! Thanks Wilmi for your inspiration!

Another thing I love doing is cutting out butterflies when I am away because a lot of the time we are sitting down or waiting for something, so I like to be busy! I stamp the butterflies on lots of scraps before I leave. I was just getting started on this photograph.

When I got home there was a lovely package from Sue waiting for me with loads of scraps - but they are not just any kind of scraps, the most beautiful papers were in the envelope and some stamps - so thankful to you Sue! The card above is an indication of what she sent me and I used my freshly cut butterflies on it.

Then I got a little package from Dee - Dee is a lady who I met via Internet and we exchange e-mails quite a lot as she has the same sort of style as I have.

So that was it for today. You will probably remember that I shared about the first 'A' of Marriage - ACCEPTANCE in my last blog post. Within the next couple of days I will be sharing the second one, which is ADMIRE. So please be back to join me on that one!

Have a lovely day. We are free today, a National Holiday.


  1. Wonderful little pictures and cards Jacqueline. Nice that you had a lot of fun in your holiday!
    Greetings, Sabine

  2. Nice story Jacqueline.
    I just visit the blog of Wilmi, now I am her follower.
    Many greetings hennie.

  3. You had soooo much happy mail when you got home and you used it sooo beautifully! I love your butterflies and they look beautiful on your card! Love the tops with the images popped in them. What a lovely idea!

  4. Your trip sounds wonderful, Jacqueline! Love those sweet bottle caps - beautiful work! Your card is gorgeous too, and how nice to come home to such happy mail! Hugs to you! :)

  5. So many beautiful things to look at here :) .. so glad you're back and it sounds like you had lovely time away! I love your new hair style Jacqueline, it's so pretty and hair colour is gorgeous!

  6. Hi I'm back, I lost your link! Now I HAVE FOUND IT YIPPEE. I have read all the posts for about 2 weeks and I'm so blessed to have a sister with such a beautiful eye for art work and a beautiful heart for GOD. Love you lots, you are such an inspiration and I'm proud to be your sister.

  7. Great post Jacqueline. Love the idea of using jar lids to make little works of art. Love all you butterflies and the card you made.

  8. What a wonderful place to visit, your new creations are a marvel to look at Jacqueline!

  9. What a fabulous day you had ... beautiful gifts ...I adore the idea of the jar tops and your cards are adorable!

  10. So happy that you had a great trip and were able to meet up with a friend, it's good for the soul! I LOVE those jar lids! What an awesome idea! And your butterflies never cease to amaze me, whether just cut out on or a fabulous card creation such as today! Sending you hugs!

  11. I also read the story at Wilmi's blog. She was just as excited about the visiting as you are. I once met Wilmi and indeed she is a very nice person. I like the things that you did with the lids. Ans I also love the butterflies.
    Love Petra

  12. Happy to see you back Jacqueline,lovely butterfly card and I love the jar tops ! Off to have a look at Wilmi's blog now


  13. those lids are very pretty! they would look good with a hole or two punched into the top and ribbon strung through; kinda make them like a picture frame. So glad you were enjoying your trip and visit.

  14. What a great idea with the bottles caps. Thanks for sharing.
    Your card is so pretty and elegant. Love it.

    Have a nice weekend.

  15. Beautiful cards and goodies. Your trip sounds fabulous and time crafting with a friend is priceless.

  16. Dag lieve Jaqueline,
    Wat een mooie post heb je gemaakt van onze ontmoeting! En het is goed hoor, dat je de foto's plaatste.. Zo grappig, als je me had laten weten dat je zou komen, had ik vast een dag werk gehad om alles op te ruimen, en nu heb je mij, en alles om me heen gewoon gezien zoals het is ;) Fijn te horen dat jij dat gezellig vindt!
    Heel leuk ook dat je bij thuiskomst weer mooie post kreeg.
    Ik wens je een hele fijne, zonnige creatieve week toe!
    lieve groet uit Holland

  17. So many pretty creations here. And how fun to get to meet up with your friend. Her craft room look amazing.


  18. A lovely post Jacqueline.....
    I've been away for a few days in Brighton, to see my sorry for lack of comments lately....
    hope you are well,
    god bless
    love and hugs
    chris richards


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