Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butterfly grid, Case study inspiration and the second 'A' ADMIRE

A lot has been happening here. Vivian who will be our daughter-in-law in September and her parents are here in France visiting. The weather is dreadful - rain, wind and gray skies nonstop at the moment.
First of all I want to share a picture of another type of Home Decor which I recently made by punching out butterflies. I really enjoyed doing this and it is so decorative when hung in the right environment.

And this is how it looks in a frame on the wall.

As you can see, I have another Grid design for sale in my Etsy shop, as well as some cards. I have sold five grids and it has made me very happy! The last one went to a lady in France, which was very exciting!

Before I share the second installment of the four 'A's, I want to share a tag card I made and which I think I will enter into a challenge which is running at the moment at Case Study. The inspiration photo is above, it was made by Aga, isn't it pretty?

This is my card, using all Hero Arts stamps, on a tag.

So here is the second 'A' which is ADMIRE your husband:

I am founding this with a quote from Scripture: Eph. 5:33 (Amplified version): ''and let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband (that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him and loves and admires him exceedingly)."

Once again I am quoting from the book 'The Total Woman' by Marabel Morgan:


It was Friday afternoon and Mr. Feelin’ Low glanced at the clock with mixed emotions. After a long, hard week he was glad that Friday had finally come. He looked forward to a hot shower and a hot dinner, but he dreaded facing the cold wife.
Friday afternoon meant a long weekend at home, just trading one headache for another. Something is missing, he thought. Is this all there is? Loneliness rolled over him in waves. Somewhere, someone must admire him, even if his own wife didn’t.

Starting from earliest childhood and continuing all through life, a man is recognized and applauded for his accomplishments and who doesn’t love that type of admiration? Women do, too. If your husband was a Big Man on Campus he probably has all sorts of trophies, stars and other special memorabilia. Have you noticed how a person will do almost anything for a star? Imagine that, grown men with stick-on-stars on their helmets!

A man’s most basic needs, outside of warm sexual love, are approval and admiration. A man tries to fill those crying needs in many ways. But a man longs for respect and personal admiration from his wife more than any other person. You can transform your husband by a few genuine words of encouragement. Your man, like many men all over the world, may be like an empty cup emotionally, unable to properly express his feelings to you. If you want to help him express himself, try filling up his cup with admiration. And when his cup runs over, guess who lives in the overflow!

For some men your attitude of indifference is the worst pain of all. We have to care about what they do and think! It is your highest privilege to assure him he is as special as he thinks he is! Your husband needs you to see him as he sees himself. For example, take a good look at him. As he grows older, his need for admiration grows stronger. With a balding head and protruding paunch comes the question, “Does she think I’m handsome?” He happens to love his body. It’s the only one he has and he lives in there. He wants you to love it too – so tell him! We can be honest and still meet his needs – there will always be something we can make a nice comment about and you will be surprised at the results!


Look how we creative ladies act when we see beautiful artwork – we run over with praise and admiration, and with all the commenting we do, it shouldn’t be too difficult to just continue off the blog towards our husbands and children! Say to DH for example, wow, you look gorgeous, that color tie so matches the color of your eyes! It’s just an example!

Even stronger, I believe that we women have to be on our guard to keep this alive in our marriages because the devil will always try and drive a wedge in a relationship because he knows if he gets that out of harmony, he steals the power out of families which results in a weakened Church. Let’s be on our guard and not allow the evil one to take away the praise from our mouths towards our husbands and children!

I think that is enough for this week! I hope you can relate to some of things I have written. I love the interaction it gives.



  1. Hello Jacqueline ,the cards are really delightful........I do admire my husband in many ways, he is very clever and can adapt to anything and I love him dearly.....but maybe I dont compliment him enough ?
    Thank you dear friend for these little reminders !!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. Das sind sehr schöne Karten, und das Bild mit den Schmetterlingen ist wundervoll geworden, und sieht sehr fein aus.

    Es tut gut deine Gedanken zu lesen, und es gefällt mir.
    Danke, dass ich das lesen und daran teilhaben kann.
    Gott schütze dich.

  3. Beautiful creations Jacqueline, the frame is amazing and perfect on the wall.
    Happy with all the news...God is wonderful. God bless you. Happy tuesday.

  4. Your words of inpiration are beautifil. Thanks...
    Your butterfly frame is beautiful also.
    Blessings and hugs...Leanne

  5. Wonderful post, my friend! Your art is always so lovely, it's such a joy to see! Thank you for the reminder of the need for admiration in marriage. As we just celebrated 34 years, my admiration for my wonderful DH just seems to grow and showing him is a priority! Blessings to you for your faithfulness to your mission and ministry in the Lord.

  6. Beautiful! thanks for joining us at CASE Study this week.

  7. wonderful piece of art and a beautiful card. Your post really is wonderful too... such amazing insight.

  8. Jacqueline your art work is so beautiful and your post wonderful.

  9. Your butterfly creations are all so wonderful, you certainly know how to pick your colours, so glad you're doing great on Etsy!

  10. Love your card and your butterfly art ... and I am so pleased for you that Etsy is going so well ... For once we are having beautiful weather!

  11. I'm loving your art decor! I can imagine how it compliments your lifestyle. Your take on the CASE STUDY is just as beautiful too, love the tag on the card. Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom too, a lot to think about!

  12. Hello, I do love your butterflies. I have been looking back through your blog and love your beautiful cards and tags. That hydrangeo stamp (HeroArts) was one of the first stamps I purchased and I still use it a lot - so so versatle.

  13. That grid is so very beautiful, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs from Holland,

  14. Hi Jacqueline. Came here looking for wine label card ideas (I am lucky to live in the Riesling Rhine valley) and get many words of wisdom. You are a very wise lady. Thanks for sharing.


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