Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So now you can see that I actually have some hair again because I changed my photo! I am so happy I don't have to cover my head anymore and that I didn't turn gray. The quality of my hair is good too, I am so thankful!

Now, I'm in a pink mood, so two pink cards

This one uses the same free download as the card underneath. The added papers, bird, heart, postmark etc. were in my scrap basket. 

This is using a collage cling stamp from Hero Arts. I stamped on a free download from the Internet and then I stamped the butterfly separately on PP for a bit of dimension.
I was thinking of going back and sharing some of my Meditation Monday messages. Just recently we held a seminar in our Church about Christian Marriage and I handled the wife's side. So I'm going to share about the four 'A's - Accept, Adapt, Admire and Appreciate! Of course the man has his side, but I'm not going into that.


I’m giving the floor to Marabel Morgen who has given me kind permission to quote here from her book ‘The Total Woman’.
Most of us marry a man with every intention of changing him. Then we spend years of married life trying to do just that – round off the edges, suggest what he should do, and how he should act. Why are we such fools? It never works! The poor husband crawls into his shell to protect himself from the onslaught, vowing never to communicate with this relentless woman who was once his bride.
A man needs to be accepted as he is, just exactly as he is. This kind of all-out acceptance convinces him you really love him. His need for total acceptance isn’t so strange. I need to feel accepted too. Do you have a special friend who will listen to your innermost heart and accept you, without fear of rejection, criticism or advice? Can you do less for your husband?
Unfortunately, I’m a nag by nature. I don’t mean to be! Nagging is my occupational hazard. All day long I direct my kids: “Pick up your clothes, brush your teeth and don’t get out of bed. When my husband walks in the door, I just naturally continue my commands: “Take out the garbage, be kind to my mother, smile at people, etc. One thing is sure, nagging doesn’t bring results! Nagging never kept anyone alive. It has, however, killed many marriages. A man considers being nagged at worse than being nibbled to death by a duck.
Some women don’t nag verbally, but their non-accepting vibrations communicate loud and clear. Tolerance is not acceptance and only makes your husband feel incomplete and unworthy. He can sense when he’s not being accepted or manipulated and is not able to love you fully.
Our strength for accepting our husbands lies in the fact that God accepts us as we are and even though we don’t deserve it, His love is unconditional. Because He accepts us, through His power we can love and accept our husbands. If you have lost this love for your husband, ask God to restore it!
Your husband needs your acceptance most of all during his times of apparent failure. If he’s already low, don’t put him down further; Never compare him with another man and remember he’ll never confide in you if he feels that you are being critical.
Your man needs to feel important, loved and accepted. Make his home his haven, a place to which he can run. Allow him that priceless luxury of unqualified acceptance.

I have not quoted the whole story here, just taken out certain details. I can really recommend her book. You
can order it so easily via ‘Amazon Books’ (they also carry cheaper second hand versions) and have it in your home within a week!
Next week I hope to share something on the second ‘A’ – ADMIRE.
I hope you liked it!

This is a photo I took Sunday. It was such nice weather we went for a drive through the countryside and discovered a field full of these wild orchids. The flowers look like little dolls with arms and legs.



  1. Hi Jacqueline

    Your cards are amazing, I am in awe of your creativity, Another masterpiece.

  2. Yeah! So happy to see your new short do! It is lovely! Wonderful new picture! Beautiful pink cards! Love the collage and the lovely soft pastels!

  3. Happy for you!! Love your cards!

  4. Lovely soft cards.
    And thanks for the message too.

  5. Dear Jacqueline! I am so happy for you that the hair is strong and growing. You look cute! I see a hand of Our Father blessing you with creative energies. I love the cards, they give me ideas how to use the many paper scraps I have.

  6. Wunderschön, liebe Jaqueline.

    Ich bin immer wieder entzückt, und
    ich liebe deine traumhaften Karten.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. I'm so happy for your hair !
    Your card with the butterfly is amazing !

  8. Jacqueline your cards are so beautiful.

    All the best for you

  9. You look good with short hair!! Great that it is growing in. Love your cards and that pretty foto of the flower....

  10. Thanks for the updated photo. Trusting you are doing well. Love both of your cards! Thanks for the ministry, too. We all need encouragement! Fondly, Yvonne

  11. Love your new hairdo Jacqueline, fabulous new photo of you. Love your pink creations too, so pretty!!

  12. je ziet er weer prima uit, je eigen haarkleur is dus een beetje rossig?
    Bedankt voor het 'preekje', soms wel nodig om de feiten te horen- zo waar ook! ... mooie kaarten!

  13. You look lovely and I like your new hair! Wonderful!!
    Amazing cards. I so love the softness and many details!
    What a timely post on marriage for me! Now I need to put that in practice. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I'm happy for you!
    And your cards are so wonderful

  15. I am happy for you; love the new profile pic :) And your cards..as always amazing!

  16. Jacqueline, your cards are elegant, very feminine and beautiful. I read Marabel Morgan years ago. Her book was of great importance in sorting out the important from the not important things in marriage. (We've been married almost 55 years.) And your hair is darling. It looks good short and it came back in very lovely. My mom's hair left her pure white but came back a mottled gray. But like you she was so happy to get hair again. I had thought I would grow mine out to donate for older ladies' wigs. Then I found out that they don't take gray hair. It was a big disappointment.

  17. So much to comment on! A) Love your new picture. Wonder if your hair will be curly now? It seems often it grows in that way. B.) What could make me happier than pink collage! Lovely! C). Wonderful words for the married women. Men so need to feel appreciated, dont they?

  18. Your cards are so beautiful. I just love your style of card making. Thanks so much for sharing parts of this book with us. So much truth there. Men really do need to be lifted up! I kinda think we all do!


  19. I am so glad you posted a photo of your beautiful, new hair! You look fabulous, my friend! I said it on Flickr - I love when you play with pink, and these cards are wonderful! Thanks for sharing some bits of your seminar too! Sending you hugs! :)

  20. Jacquline...you look fabulous!!!I love your new picture. You are an inspiration.... I remember you writing during your treatments and the Lord walking beside you holding you up. My prayers were there for you.

    Both cards are very beautiful as well. Would you be able to email me at my blog and tell me where you got those pretty downloads?
    I would appreciate it.

  21. Jacqueline, your short hair is darling! Love your sweet pink cards today, too, my friend! Life is GOOD!

  22. You look amazing Jacqueline. SO happy you are looking so well. Your cards are superb, your post incredible and your flower picture lovely.

  23. First of all let me begin by saying that you look GOOD girl! Love your hairdo, makes you look very 'sprucy' (if that's the correct English word to use in this context), anyway, it's meant to be a huge compliment Jacqueline! Now on to your cards: I simply love your romantic style, both of them are so elegant and fancy!!

  24. Beautiful cards ... and your hair looks great!!

  25. You look great ! I am so happy for you !!
    I love your cards.

    Keep up the great work
    love, miriam


  26. Hi Jacqueline, I love your gorgeous pink cards and that second one is absolutely breathtaking! Really! Thank you for sharing the first "A", it was a very interesting and thought provoking read! Can't wait for the next installment!

  27. Jacqueline - I love your art work. You have amazing talent.

    Glad you are doing better and you have your own short do.

    I have one question: Where do you get your internet images?

    Take care of yourself.

  28. Hi Jacqueline,many words of wisdom, which help me to understand more.....
    I'll leave it there, but thank you!
    wonderful creativity as usual and you look amazing !!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  29. These cards are just the inspiration I was looking for today as I will be making Mother's Day cards. I love your sassy new look; your smiling face is such a blessing to me.

  30. Your pink cards are heavenly--I just love them! And I love your new photo! Thank you for including Astrid's link on your most recent post. I am a big fan of hers-and I'm so happy to have some time to peruse through your posts-I've missed being able to visit your blog!

  31. PS--I loved the insights you shared on husbands, as well!

  32. Love your beautiful pink cards Jacqueling.. so filled with happiness and thank you for these words of wisdom!!


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