Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cards, flowers and food!

Hi dear friends. I have to tell you that I sold four Grid designs in the mean time. I was so encouraged! I have another three for sale in my Etsy shop.
Now I am working on a huge project for our bedroom as the picture we had lost its glass and the color was off, so.... I am making an inchie creation which has a frame of 76,5x61 cm!

Here is a sneak peek.. I am just adhering the squares straight over the poster. I did quite a bit today too, so I'm half way.

 This card was made with a new stamp called the Classic Fabric design from Hero Arts, it is a cling. I stamped over a patterned paper scrap with the Carte Postale stamp for the centre and added a butterfly which was part of the leftover from the scrap.

A couple of flower photos from my garden. This is a Papavar,  it grows like the Poppy, I think that is the right name in English. It took a while before they opened, but they are gorgeous.

This is a huge shrub in front of our bedroom window, when the window is open we can smell the scent, which is lovely.

 To finish I took a picture of the Paëlla I made yesterday evening. Isn't it colorful? It is a huge pan full of fish, rice etc. which recipe is originally from Spain. We all love it. The dish is huge.

Thanks for your lovely visits!


  1. Wow Jacqueline you have been busy, your inchie creation looks wonderful, you must take a photograph when its finished. Your card is so pretty and your flowers are too. As for the paella, you are making my mouth water!!!

  2. went to look at your etsy shop and notice you used one of the labels i sent you - so glad you found a use for it. you are selling those like crazy - good for you!! love your card today too - and the paella looks delicious - is it the jamie oliver recipe? looks yummy!!

  3. That a delightful piece of work. I am looking forwartd to se its finish.

    Congrats on you sale. I am so glad on your behalf.

    Lovr your card. Such lovely color.

  4. Oh how beautiful these pieces of art are! Congratulations on your sales! So happy and excited for the new things that you are doing! Your paella looks amazing .. and the flowers are lovely .. I've never seen any like that gorgeous yellow one .. I guess it's too cold here in Canada for that one..that's one of the things I love so much is seeing a little of your world as well as sharing a little of mine! Sending hugs, Susanne

  5. love it that I have a piece of your work in my home! it looks beautiful!

  6. Was für wunderschöne Blumen, die habe ich hier noch nie gesehen.
    Und die Aufnahmen sind ein Traum.

    Die Karte ist großartig, Jaqueline, wie alle deine Karten, die mich immer wieder in Entzücken versetzen.
    Wunderbar, dass du deine Kunst auch verkaufen kannst, herzlichen Glückwunsch.

    Und die paelle, meine Güte, es ist noch früh am Morgen, aber die könnte ich sofort essen.

  7. well done Jacqueline on your sales. Your own project looks delightful ~~ such pretty colours. Your card is delightful as well, Love the watercolour look to the fabric stamp background. And I wish I could have tasted the Paella. It looks delish!

  8. So much lovely stuff-- but your card is totally breathtaking!

  9. Such a wonderful post Jacqueline !
    Love the inchies, love the the card and love the flowers.....and I am sure I can smell that paella !!!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  10. This is just the perfect post ... I love Paella, Love those flowers ... your card is stunning and your new wall project looks absolutely amazing ... you are a true inspiration!

  11. Wow, your card looks awesome and I love your work in progress! Can't wait to see the finished project. I think I might try to make a project with those squares soon, would love one in my home (first find a place for it though and wait for some new stamps to arrive :p). The Paella looks so colorful and rich! Hugs, Hanneke

  12. What a post full of lovely visuals!!
    I'm so excited for you that your grids are selling. They are so unique and full of beautiful details.
    I like all the detailing on your card. Your ability to layer is wonderful. The pics of the flowers are reminders of God's little detailing that!
    Now I am very hungry after seeing your paella...must get some breakfast!

  13. I knew you would have no trouble selling all your products. They are always so lovely! Love the card today. It is fantastic. Great pictures of the flowers and the Paella.

  14. Congratulations Jacqueline, I just knew you would pull this off!! Fabulous creation again, really awesome, such a fab card, too. Your paella looks scrumptious!!

  15. Your inchie projects are so inspiring, so happy for your sales! The card is another gorgeous example of your creative talent, loving how you mix paper and stamping so beautifully. And if I ever make to France I want some of that paella, what a deliciously colorful dish!

  16. This post is just "scrumptious" in every way, Jacqueline! I love the art in progress, the card, those amazing flower photos and the paella looks divine!

    I have a feeling that anything you make and put on Etsy will sell very quickly!! Good for you.

  17. Hello Jacqueline

    Wow you have been very busy. I love your latest inchie, and look forward to the finished result.
    A beautiful card, and gorgeous pictures.

  18. Beautful card, love the stamp it goes well with the rest of the design. The inchie panel is stunning im not at all suprised that you have already sold four.

  19. Beautiful! Lovely home decor followed up with a gorgeous card and then sweet flowers and yummy dinner! :) Perfect day!~

  20. such a beautiful project you work on Jacqueline!!!love your must do this often..great flowers..
    and the meal looks delicious!!
    many lovely thoughts for you, i just came back home after 4 heavy day..but very happy!!!Franziska

  21. Looks like you've really caught on to using the new camera. The flower pix are lovely. And your artwork with the new stamp is gorgeous. Hope you have a happy week.

  22. Lots of wonderful things to look at here today. I am so happy for you that you are selling out of your grid creations. I had no doubt. And your dish looks so yummy. I have never had Paella. I have a recipe for it but have never tried it you. One day I will..

    Your hair look so cute. That's a great photo..


  23. I love your "new" hair Jacqueline!!!! Beautiful photo! You are one very busy looking lady! That is an amazing piece of art you are busy with right now! It makes me so happy to know that you have been succesful in your Etsy shop, well done! Of course your card today is just beautiful, just you! And is for food - I really would love that Paella recipe! Can I find it on the web somewhere? Hugs to you!

    1. Me too, I would love the recipe,,looks so yummy...I just found your site yesterday Jacqueline and ,I LOVE your creations!!! can you send it to me,please?!!

  24. WOW Jacqueline I love your flowers, your inchies and your wonderful card.


    Ps.: You look so good with short hair, wonderful photo.


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