Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tag Tuesday - Butterflies

If you haven't seen the weekly Tag challenge over on Louise's blog, now is your chance as she has made a beautiful little tag-book for this week's theme. All stamps are Hero Arts but one and that is the 'papillons' stamp which is from a Stamping plate invented by the mother of Isa.

Tag Tuesday - Butterfly

As I love butterflies, I was happy to create something a little bit easier this week as last week's theme was so hard!

Thank you Louise.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tag Tuesday - scrapbook a Tag

Relieved that I could join in again this week for Louise's challenge although I'm not in the least a Scrapbook crafter - that is something I have never ever succeeded in doing. I thought I would make a little scraptag story of our holiday in Calella.


I used a gift sticker for the centre piece and I didn't spend hours cutting out shells for nothing either! I used the word Family and some shipping rope etc. Well I did try my best.

Then afterwards I made a wall-hanging with it.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Here is the inspiration picture this week. The challenge can be found here.

And here are a couple of cards I made:

The first one is probably a bit closer to the colors.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

French Post Stamp from Hero Arts

I wanted to share a new stamp today which I really love. It's called the French Post stamp and it's from Hero Arts.

(The top one is the stamp and the bottom one is another French Post stamp I found, only it's not an official 'stamp').

French post

I cut a piece of Webster's paper (thanks again Sue!) into a diecut shape, stamped, added the butterfly and the card was ready in no time. Note for Katie Scarlet - the butterfly is from the Antique Engravings Clear Stamp Set CL383 from Hero Arts. Notice the fountain on the paper and the next photo:

(As you can see, the fountain here is typical of the fountains found in lots of little French villages, also in ours.)

This is made with distress inks.

A little share:
"Let your yes be simply yes, and your No be simply No.." Math.5:37

Did you know that God takes you very seriously? To give you an example.. after the holidays I felt a little bit isolated living in a secluded area, next to a dentist that was shut for the holidays and well, having seen tons of people every day to seeing hardly a living soul - I really felt it. So I thought - who better to talk to about this than to a loving Heavenly Father? So I did... later on in the day as I was crafting, the phone went. A cousin of DH called to say that he and his family were on holiday about an hour's drive from where we live and they wanted to come round and see us. Well, I thought, hmmm that prayer was answered very quickly. So I said, I'll put you through to René. A little later a radiant René pops his head around the door and says that his cousin and family will be arriving tomorrow and staying the night - you know they have four girls don't you?!! OK God, I didn't say I wanted to cater for a whole family of six for two days during my holiday.....

I don't know about you but immediately I felt the Lord's Hand - yes, it does mean that I should show hospitality, kindness and love to people - I gave my day to God in full surrender to His Plans - I don't have the right to let my 'flesh' choose and pick how my day looks like! Thank You Lord for giving us another opportunity to witness of your Love for everybody that crosses our paths.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back home

Hi ladies! Hope you are well!

(Saying hello with this card.)

Had a fantastic time in Calella on the Spanish coast. Our apartment was spacious, just facing the sea, so a morning dip was just the right recipe to wake up. The sea was crystal clear and we watched numerous fish waiting to be fed by the local folk. DH had reserved a bigger apartment in faith this year as we hoped our eldest son Rodney would join us... and he did. We celebrated his 22nd birthday together.

(His Spanish birthday cake.)

It was a time planned by the Lord as René (my DH) led him to Christ a day before his birthday! Many years of prayer and proclaiming the promises of God's Word seemed to come to their fulfillment in God's chosen Time on His Clock. Many, many people have been praying for this for years and we are so so thankful for the miracle of the forgiveness of sins and the removal of the barrier between God and man through the Cross of Jesus Christ. Rodney said he always knew deep in his heart that it was true and will be joining our youngest son Michaël in September for the Bible School for discipleship in Holland. Thanks go to Nancy Kreuger too, who I want to mention as she has been standing by us in prayer too for at least two years, praying for Rodney. Thanks Nancy!

This is the view we had from our balcony.

Can you see the buoys? Well, that was where we swam too every day for exercise.

I found time to play with stamps, paper and ink, mostly in the mornings as the guys liked to sleep in. I had taken all my scraps with me, some new stamps, scissors, glue and my distress inks. I think I found the most pleasure in cutting out shells and butterflies which I made with every kind of scrap paper I had!

By the end of the second week I had three times as much as this.

Be blessed!