Thursday, September 22, 2016

Butterfly Trio - inspired by Virginia Lu

One day into Fall and a beautiful Indian Summer seems to follow the hot Summer days we had. The days are cooler and much more comfortable. That makes crafting a little easier and the new stamps I purchased give the necessary inspiration!
Well, it was actually Virginia Lu who inspired me with her beautiful summer cards using these butterflies. They can be seen here.
Before I show you my cards, just a huge thank you to those who are so nice to leave me feedback, I really appreciate it. I have recently just came back from a Mission trip to Bratisalava and in a week's time will be in Spain. The time I have over after work are precious hours that I like to be creative in, which means cooking, making jewellry, painting furniture, and yes, card-making!

So this is my first card. I have never used alcohol ink on vellum before, but that is the tip I got from Virginia. Just dab alcohol inks with an applicator on the back of the embossed image, before you cut it out - that is what I did with the butterfly, which is a new stamp set from #Penny Black. The sentiment is #Hero Arts.

This second card is a little different as I stamped and embossed the butterfly direct to the distressed panel, and adhered one pair of vellum wings to give some dimension.

Here is the set.

Thanks for your inspiration, Virginia.

I want to share something with you that might encourage or help somebody who happens upon my blog today.
A little while back I read this sentence:  God is faithful to accomplish the Plan He has for your life - but not your own plans... it was instant revelation. I may seem dumb but I hadn't really grasped this in my spirit. We sometimes think of God being a Father who blesses us in all we do and in our daily lifes, which is true BUT - God has his own specific plan for our lives which could be totally different than ours!! You know the line - Let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven .... that means HIS will and not mine. This has really dawned on me and I notice myself wanting His Will and His Plans more than ever. And finding the discernment to ask Lord, is this You or is it me???
These following words gave me so much joy - they are confronting, deep and exposing, but the truth will always set us free:

The thing you never would choose for your life, chooses you for a reason.

The thing that you’d never pick, picks you to become brave.

You get what you need  — by walking through what you never wanted.

The thing you never wanted, may turn out to be be the thing you need most.
The thing that may make you fall a bit apart, may be part of what one day holds you a bit together.

There are reasons we don’t understand that someday will help keep us standing, there is pain that isn’t a poison but a prescription, there are broken ways that are actually breaking us free.

The cross you’ve been given —
is always God’s kindest decision. 
The cross you carry — is carrying you toward who you are meant to be. 

The article in which this was written can be found here. I would recommend you read it as many, many people carry crosses we never know about but have a faith that holds on to God no matter what! That's what I call faith!!!

May your day be blessed!