Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuesday Trigger - Soup to Nuts

I loved the Tuesday Trigger inspiration photo this week from the Moxie Fab World blog. A great challenge, which can be found here. I didn't think I would be able to come up with anything until I remembered I had the sentiment b i r d stamp, and it went from there.

I love the Fall colors that were represented.

Thank you to everybody who gave me such uplifting comments on my two mentions this week, one being the Tuesday Trigger from last week and the other for the Repetition challenge, both from the Moxie Fab blog.

We came back from Spain, two days earlier than expected. I was a bit fed up and DH agreed that we should pack up and go. Lucky we did, otherwise we would have missed a very important appointment which we had today, in connection with our son David. I will be writing about it next month. God knows, He has His Timing and His Plans - just so privileged to know He leads our lives.

I will share a photo of Spain, a view from our apartment, we were that close to the Sea - it was so noisy!

Our favorite cakes - we spoil ourselves at least once with these and look how they are presented..

 This is a shot to the right from our balcony

and this one to the left

and this was the treat we got to see on our way home -  beautiful sharp double rainbows!

Thanks for visiting and I hope to catch up on your blogs tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday Trigger - Envy becomes you

Hello ladies! I hope you are all well.
I haven't been up to posting much, things have slowed down a bit now but I have a torn bicep muscle in my left arm, so I have to give it rest. That is the last thing I like to do - resting, unfortunately I love 'doing' instead of 'being'. However, God did make us human 'beings', so I have to find peace in rest as well as doing. 

When I saw the Tuesday Trigger on Brenda's blog, I got some inspiration and was able to make this card this morning as I have taken some days off work.

This is the inspiration picture from the Moxie Fab World Blog

This is my card. The bow corresponds with the bow on the shoes.

I will be leaving for a week's holiday in Spain on Saturday, my DH hasn't had a break for a couple of years now due to all the events of the Cancer I had last year. We found a little apartment which was still free right next to the Sea! I'm quite excited.

God bless!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Distress Markers

I can't help it, I have to post some more photos, taken by a professional. I hear you, wanting to see a photo of me at the wedding, but I haven't found one yet... it will come.

In the mean time I celebrated my birthday and we had some visitors, friends of ours we hadn't seen in 24 years so we went out to dinner last night. Its been so busy but I am enjoying every minute of every day!

Onto distress markers... wanting to try something different, and to get more use out of my stamps, here are some cards made solely with distress markers, I can really recommend them.

 Stamps are Hero Arts!

For this card I used a background Seed Packet stamp from Artistic Outpost which can be found here. I am entering it into the September referral programme.

and lastly

Thanks for your lovely comments left on my last post, I enjoy and appreciate every one!!
Have a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Wedding

Yesterday was the big day for Joël, our son, and Vivian, a Dutch girl who Jöel met in Holland during his Bible School years. I had the honor of walking my son to the front of the Church and felt like a film star... Aahs and Oohs and photos galore... it was so nice :) Hundreds of photos were taken, and these are just some of mine:

This was taken in the afternoon after the Church wedding ceremony having arrived at the reception for the  festivities.

This was in the evening at the resort where the reception was held.

I took this one very formally in the morning.

The children wanted to hold her dress so she ran with them up the village.....

and back down again.... it was such a joyous atmosphere and the weather was incredible. We praise the Lord for all the richest blessings that He bestowed upon us all.

The dinner, which was Paella was brought in a huge pan around 7 o'clock and we sat under the trees to enjoy our meal.

As the shadows fell, a group of musicians played joyful Spanish music - although there were no castanets, the atmosphere was great! It was such a wonderful day, unforgettable! In the light of what I went through last year I was so thankful to our Heavenly Father I could be there on the day, with hair and feeling well and able to enjoy every single minute of it!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Trigger - A Pin Therein

Just a quick post inbetween all the business at the moment. I have to have some hours to myself to be active in a different way.

Who could resist such a beautiful inspiration picture, which is the Tuesday Trigger on the Moxie Fab World Blog? The link to this post is here.

This is my tag. I made the whole tag hexagonal and used the colors to create something.
Till next week!