Monday, December 29, 2014

A Winter's Day

Just popping in to share a card for a Winter's day. We don't have snow on the ground but the snow on the Mountains is breath taking at the moment.

All I used was a piece of patterned paper and a deer die-cut finished off with a sentiment.

Finishing the year with a photo of my four sons, two daughter in laws and grand daughter. I love them so much. We had David with us for 10 days, that was such a great time.
I was so happy with the Christmas cards I received from a lot of you - THANK YOU so much!!

Just one more photo of Seréna..


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nature themed Christmas Card

Hello everybody, hope you are all well.
I have not been creating very much these last weeks, just a few Christmas cards for those people that support our Missionary work in France, otherwise the energy has just not been there.
Our son Rodney who is 26 years old, who recently had his complete colon removed unfortunately had complications. Apparently he either had a collapsed muscle in his leg because he was left on the operation table in one position for six hours or the epidural injection was not done correctly, leaving a damaged nerve which has caused a lot of pain in his left foot which makes it difficult to walk. It has been very stressful and created a lot of work having him in our home and caring for him. It has not been easy sailing with his digestive system either. I can see that he is going down too in his spirit. We have been constantly praying for a miracle for him. God is Good because that is his character and we will never doubt that.
I have been missing my granddaughter too! But thats another subject. I am very thankful for every day that God gives. His sun still shines on the just and the unjust - His Ways are so different to ours!
I am thankful that He was willing to come to earth to search for us who had strayed because He knew we would never make it on our own. I was reminded lately of the Bible Story about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (in the New Testament: Mathew 22) where everybody present had clothed themselves with the Righteousness of Christ. There was one guest who was still wearing his own clothes and had to be removed from the table. Unfortunately he could not share with the others. I have wondered why this was - this person was sitting at the table, surely he should be shown grace. But the real issue is that this guest thought that his own clothing, his own righteousness, his own good works, were good enough for a place on the Kings table. We don't realize how much we have strayed from our Father in Heaven and think we are good enough in ourselves to be accepted. If that was so, then Jesus would not have had to pay a high price on the Cross, giving his life, to bring us back to God! We don't realize how much grace God is extending to us!!!
Jesus did not die for the righteous but the unrighteous. Now that is good news!

Now to my little card. Trying to create some atmosphere as a last burst of sunlight recedes to make way for the dusk....

A diecut with reindeer against a distressed ink background using a Hero Arts solid silhouette tree stamp. And a Christmas definition stamp for sentiment.
I am entering this into Virginia's View Challenge which asks for 'all things distressed, which can be found here

If I'm not back before Christmas then I wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday with joy and peace and share one of our own sunsets in our area.