Friday, April 27, 2012

Tea cup inspiration

Hello beautiful ladies! Thanks for your lovely feedback on my photos of the last post. My DH bought me a new camera so I am learning how to use it, which is not easy for me. He bought me a book for 'dummos' but I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

This is my first inspiration picture of my tea-cups which I love.

And this is my card. I used the large Fabric Print background stamp from Hero Arts for the vertical design. The flowers are digi - printed them out. The leaves are Hero Arts from an acrylic set. I love the Merci beaucoup sentiment - that is a Stamp from Versus Rubber stamps which I won luckily enough.

My second set of tea-cups.

And this is my card - its not so much about the colors but the patterns on the cups that I based this card on.

Have a lovely weekend. I will be back next week. Tomorrow I will be in our Church all day as we are giving our Seminar on how God has worked in our marriage.  DH has the morning session and I will be sharing my testimony in the afternoon about the revelation I received from God on what my role was next to my husband in our relationship, family, work, mission etc. Biblical of course!! If anyone is interested, just look up my Meditation Monday labels and you will find some of it there.

 I just have to share this photo of my pot plant which sits on the window sill of my craft room - it has such beautiful color and gives me so much enjoyment and its just beginning to flower!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I just wanted to tell you how happy and encouraged I was to open my mailbox Sunday morning to find my first  Grid design was sold via Etsy!! Thank you all so much for giving me the confidence to give it a try. I have just put two more up and we will see. I love having them in the house because each time I notice something different and remember which patterned paper I used to use or which stamping project ended up getting punched out into squares.

This is Roxanne, a beautiful Christian girl who goes to our Church and is our youngest son Michael's girlfriend. The beautiful wreath she is holding she made for me with a flour and salt dough which when put into the oven hardens and can be used to make ornaments. I think it is beautiful and looks lovely on the wall.

Here is another picture of it, a bit close up. What a lot of intricate work went into this!

And here is a recent picture of my boys, my eldest, Rodney and my youngest, Michael. It was taken in Kenya, Africa where they were for an Outreach Mission with their Bible School group. They had such a fantastic time and I'm so happy that they had the chance to broaden their horizon and see how other people live and reach out to them! I praise the Lord that all my sons know and love the Lord, what a treasure!

Have a lovely week! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Etsy Shop

I have just finished my first item for sale and put it in my Etsy shop.
It is aA4 size grid picture which is not sold in the frame. I have priced it at what came into my heart which is 15 Euros or 20 dollars.
I have three now hanging in my home and they give movement on the wall and kind of grow on you :)
I only have one for sale because I want to see if it stirs up interest.

 This one I made yesterday and it is hanging up in just the right place, so I can't part with it. The one in the shop I made this morning, is vintage style.They are very easy to post as I have posted one to somebody already, so no problems there.

Here's how it looks like in a frame.

So I 'went for it' as you told me. Just one thing, I am not going to do 'orders'. When I have one for sale, I will just put it in my shop.
Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Second Home Decor Project

Hi ladies, I am sharing my second home decor project... in fact I have just finished my third one but that is reserved for somebody so I can't show it.

I was thinking of selling them on Etsy, do you think there is a market for them? I would not sell them with the frame, just the A4 inchie panel. That way they can easily be posted in a very good envelope. What do you think I should charge for them, any ideas?

Here I scanned it as it is A4 size and shows it in my detail.

Anyway thanks for visiting. I am a bit slow in visiting the blogs, haven't been my usual self lately which I think is due to the anti-hormone pill which I have to take for two years!

You are all so kind!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Just a little share of a Spring collage I made today.

I was inspired by these colors from a picture on Pinterest.

The weather is still rainy.
I managed to get a good shot of a butterfly on my Rosemary bush this week, don't know what's its called though.
Edit: I just got a lovely comment from Godelieve who gave me some info over the butterfly, I'm so pleased. Here it is:
The butterfly is a Swallowtail, here it is on Wikipedia: CLICK
We call it Koninginnepage in Dutch, it's a beautiful butterfly, you were so lucky to capture it!
This makes me so happy!

Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Misty Flower N Dot Pattern

This is just one of my favorite stamps from Hero Arts. Unfortunately I don't see it used very often.Yesterday I got some inspiration on how to use it in a different way. It is called the Misty Flower N Dot Pattern K5096.
That kind of inspiration is always welcome.

I tried different colors and changed the design up a bit, but used the same stamps.

I also love the Leaf Print set, which is an acrylic stamp set from Hero Arts (CL395) and I use this particular leaf quite often.

I find this stamp can lend itself to vintage like cards, which suits my style.
So my first card uses Victorian Velvet distress inks and leafs which have been stamped in Vintage Photo, another favorite distress ink of mine.

For my second card I used a scrap of patterned paper in the middle and I am entering it into the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger, which can be found here, I know it is a little bit dared but I have the color combo and the three elements.
This is the inspiration photo

and this is my card

The Merci beaucoup sentiment is one I won with a card a while back on the Versus Rubber Stamp blog.

The Wisteria is beginning to bloom! In a village near to where we live.

This Snapdragon (thanks Lin!) was growing out of a wall - the picture below shows it:

Our beautiful weather has changed and we have had rain and it is cold. But it is still a beautiful time of the year!
Blessings, Jacqueline

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Share and Grid

As its Easter Time I thought I would share something encouraging! As you know I am a Christian - that means that God sought me in His Love and I answered His Call to give Him my heart and trust Him to make my life a witness to His. I have gone through lots of trials, had disappointments and haven't understood a lot of His Ways and still I find myself learning something every day. I'm sure you experience the same. Sometimes we have to wait sooooo long before God shows up that we can get weary and faint. I know that can give me problems too! But Easter time is the time when we realize that Jesus took upon Himself everything that separated us from God and defeated death for us before He rose again! He has the key!
What does it mean daily to us... other than to abide in Him. I found a little devotional which I think is very encouraging for those of us who can be 'prestation' orientated. Always thinking we have to be more than we are or those who are perfectionists, always thinking it has to look and be better. Let's learn to let go and just be!

"I am the Vine, ye are the branches..." John 15:5
If we don't really understand these words we will keep trying to do the things only God can do. Things like, blessing yourself, solving your own problems, answering your own prayers and promoting yourself. Or worse, you will try to 'cover up' for God because He's not doing it quickly enough, so you're standing there like a substitute teacher trying to make Him look good through your human efforts. (A note from me here - can you imagine I felt like this when I was ill and being one of only two families who know the Lord in our village, that I thought - what will they think of the God I serve?)
Give it up, it can't be done. Jesus said 'I am the Vine, you are the branches... all you need to do is stay connected. (Another note from me: I see this principle at work, being surrounded by vineyards - the branches receive the life-giving sap from the vine and all it has to do is produce fruit with it.)
You've got to know where your help comes from! We say that without Him we can do nothing and then act as if it all depended on us. Our success is in the Vine and our future is in the Vine! All we need to do is stay connected!
I hope you enjoyed this little meditation as much as I enjoyed refreshing myself with the Word of God.

I thought I would share a little card nonetheless before I wish you all a very peaceful Easter. It's not a new card, its a card that I shared on my other blog and on the Flickr gallery so please don't feel you have to comment. I'm just lowering my standard to have to post a new card today and just being me. This reminded me of the beautiful Spring we are having at the moment! The little verse in French on the side is 'Ne crains pas, crois seulement' which is Do not fear, only believe'!

And this little capture of my Rosemary bush, I thought the colors matched the card. Nothing spectacular just a little look into my world.
Many blessings!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Time

Just a short post to celebrate Spring with a collage card. First of all my heartfelt thanks for all your uplifting comments on my home decor post!

I thought the flower resembled Apple blossom or even the Almond blossom which have sadly all gone now, hopefully the nuts will grow and will be able to harvest them later in the year! I used an image with German writing and eggs from Artistic Outpost as my basis to build on, it is from the set 'Birds of a Feather' a beautiful stamp set which can be found here. So this card has been entered into their referral program for April.

We are having terrific weather all week and I am enjoying the sunshine and planting seeds and herbs. The thyme is blooming too now which is so pretty in the countryside.I have also planted peas as I love eating the pods in salads.

Hope everybody is enjoying Spring Time!!