Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hello ladies, hope you are all well!
I found a die cut which I LOVE and is of course another way of using up the papers! It's just another way of making puzzles, mixing and matching with patterns and colors.

My card size here is 4.5x4.5". I diecut once on kraft paper for the frame and then I diecut some left-over papers. I placed the frame on dimensional tape and filled in the gaps.
I can see this becoming a lovely pastime in the future.

Via pinterest I was inspired to use up the window envelopes which drop in the letterbox from time to time. I found some pictures from magazines I liked and glued the vellum window which had been cut out leaving at least a centimetre margin, to the picture. I then cut out the picture with the frame and sewed it onto a large tag which I then decorated with a diecut leaf and other embellishments.

It gives such satisfaction to recycle in a creative way!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sewing on paper

We have a free day today so I'm finding the time and space to visit some blogs and post something.

I have discovered how easy and lovely it is to sew on paper. Never really gave it much attention before, but for me it adds something. Typical really, because it's only because I got an extra chair so that I could sit behind the sewing machine that it happened..!

I have made so many that I have chosen a couple for the blog. Now I have discovered the Cuttlebug, stamping has taken a back place. I find it much easier to use and play with paper now and I'm enjoying that.

The first of May is celebrated by people giving little pots of Lillies of the Valley, called Muguets in France.

Happy May 1st!