Monday, August 15, 2016


And so it came to pass that we were invited to a Summer Camp gathering of believers a while back. How refreshing to sit in a circle and see everybody's face and not the back of their heads for an hour. The prayer requests seemed to emerge from a corner that was also very refreshing such as let's pray that the wars will stop, for the terror groups etc. Not even, please pray for my big toe or for my mother or even please ask the Lord to heal 'me'. On looking a bit closer I realised that this group were handicapped, intelligently challenged people... I had received the sermon already, no need for a further word from God as He chooses the weak to confound the strong .....
But again I was surprised to see an old man convey some beautiful truths from his own life of suffering. He said that if we try to understand God's Ways in our lives then we get a short circuit (doesn't sound right, but I am translating from Dutch). We have to trust God, not try to understand. And then I was conveyed back to my birthday last year when I heard God say just one word, and that was SURRENDER. Surrender, meaning letting go of control, letting God do it His Way and not yours, giving up the stubborn attitudes! I have to say that my life changed after that, but for how long before the old ways start to creep back in again? 
We need God's Grace every day!

A couple of cards I managed to make when the outdoors is really calling and it's so hot and sticky that my arm is sticking to my desk everytime I lift my hand from the mouse pad ;)

I used a Seringe stamp from a very old Stampin' Up set and some butterflies from my scrap drawer.
Sentiments are Hero Arts.

We have a National holiday today. Hope you enjoy yours!