Friday, June 27, 2008

Ending the week with 'inchies' too!

I haven't had time to upload and fill up another entry for my blog so I'm happy to be able to give some time to it today. I received my prize from the Hero Arts challenge.... oh my, I was so excited when the box arrived and the stamps are even better and bigger IRL!! I was amazed and felt so blessed to have won them.

This is another inchie card, and as I mentioned I'm venturing out with new colours. A couple of weeks ago I would never have thought of using light blue in my artwork - but love it now!

This card was inspired by Louise who gave a tutorial on how to make a Masterboard. She did an amazing job with hers! This is not part of a masterboard, this is all of it, because I only made a small one... lol. This card is going in the box of goodies as I thought it would be great to give a themed card from the country I am sending it from.

This is a card I made with the owl stamp and using up scraps from my basket - just stamp on anything and it seems effective with these outline flowers from Hero Arts!

OK, so here are the stamps I chose - can't wait to ink them up!!
Have a great weekend!!

And a card I made with the birdcage.


  1. all the cards are tre bellissimo, two languages combined for one phrase, ha. I love the stamps you chose for your prize; I have been eyeing the bird in a cage on the website. Can't wait to see what you make of it. Those design blocks are fun to use; I have 3 and I want them all. Of course I want everything I see there. Have a wonderful weekend. No snakes in the pool.

  2. Jacqueline, great job with your masterboard challenge! Love that you branched out with your colors. How about orange next? LOL
    Lovely stamps you chose. I have that text one and use it alot.
    Looking forward to seeing ink on those.

  3. Look at those beautiful cards! The inchie one is very sweet! But I just love the last one with your new inked up big flowers... OH MY! Must be the pink!!!! (just kidding, I know you are trying new colors!)...

    Man, how about that awesome RAK? Great stamps in there!!!! So well deserved...

  4. loving all your cards...and that prize package you got is yummy! Can't wait to see them all in action!

  5. Proficiat met je prijs, het zijn prachtige stempels die je erbij hebt.
    En wat een prachtige kaarten die je gemaakt hebt.
    Ik had altijd een bewondering voor je vintage kaarten, maar ook deze stijl vind ik bijzonder mooi

  6. That birdcage stamp is SO YOU!! 3 more lovely cards - and yes the blue is very pretty. I loved Louise's comment about orange - I wondered if you'd find it as hard to use as I just did.
    Hope you find inspiration for the new stamps...
    Ros x

  7. What fun cards! And don't you just LUV new stamps????

  8. Proficiat met je nieuwe stempels, ze zien er prachtig uit! Heel veel plezier ermee.

  9. Jacqueline...everything is soooo gorgeous. I think my fave is the last card :) I have been so out of the loop that I didn't know you had a new blog. I will make sure to update my blog link. Hope all is well. Have a great weekend!


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