Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekly Hero Arts Challenge - Inchies!

Well this week it is inchies on the Hero Arts Website. Shari Carrol is such an inspiring artist! I love her colour choices, backgrounds and layouts. She uses lots of flower images too.

For my inspiration I used the layout of this first card and transferred it more or less onto six inch squares. I have never thought to use inch squares in this fashion before but it was fun to do.

I am looking for different colour combo's in magazines and find this is now a new challenge for me, which I welcome as I was getting fed up with pink.

Last sunday I went for a little dip in the pool just to cool down and thought I would go have a look in the baskets at the back that hold back large items that would otherwise disappear in the pump - actually I was wondering whether a snake was in there because that has happened before. Well if you look for them you will find them - actually this was what I saw - hope I haven't shocked anybody. These snakes are quite small and harmless, they fall in the swimming pool at night and can't get out.

I haven't forgotten that box of goodies - I am keeping it open just in case I can put something else in there - so keep watching for that moment when 'your' name just might be on it!


  1. What a great idea to take one creation and turn it into an inchie creation!!! Both are wonderful...

    Searching for new color combos, eh? I know how that is! But Pink will always be in the top faves no matter what!

    OK.. About that snake.. WHAT kind is it??? It looks very dangerous!!!!

  2. I love the way you did the inchie panels.

    Pictures of lovely stamped projects are very nice, but I'm not so sure about reptiles ;)

  3. Prachtige kaarten, zo sijlvol en elegant.

  4. Wow, the transformation into an inchies card is really a cool idea. I liked the first card, but then when I saw the second one I said WoW!

  5. My son would have a lot of fun helping you take the snakes out of the pool...

    Your inchies are so nicely arranged on that card, beautiful!

  6. Leuk kaarten, en wat een fantastisch idee om je kaart nog eens te maken in inchies.

    Oei een slang in je zwembad, lijkt me toch griezelig.

  7. Wat een leuk idee om je kaart nog eens met inchies te hermaken! Leuke kleurtjes ook.
    Ik hoop dat wij geen slang aantreffen in ons vakantiezwembad binnenkort!

  8. What a fab photo of the snake! You've given us all the shivers with that story!

    The inchies are great - love the way you based them on the other card - you're definitely inspired again.

  9. Thank God that our pools here in Florida have screen cages; it's bad enough there are snakes all over outside the pool. I have found 2 small caterpillar looking things in the pool before.

    I like what you did with the inchies. I KNEW when I saw the subject this week that is what you'd be doing! Beautiful, Jacqueline.

  10. uh, nice snake....but I like your cards WAY better!! LOL!

    I love the flowers on the first card....and I like the way you designed the second card similarily using inchies! Especially the wavy ones on the bottom! FUN!

  11. Love the color scheme of those cards. They are wonderful. And that snake would scare the heck out of me, lol.


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