Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What inspires you?

Hallo craft blogging friends! I hope you are well! Thanks so much for your kind comments on this blog too.

SHARE LAUGHTER clear design set from Hero Arts

I have been in a bit of a creative slump the last two weeks and only yesterday did I get a bit of it back. I made these cards for the Hero Arts challenge 'What inspires you'? The first card was my own inspiration and the second I get from the surroundings here, as it's the time for flowers and butterflies!! I got the Hero Arts clear design stamp set (see above) as I thought it would be much cheaper to buy like this than wood mounted stamps.

Back from my weekend in Belgium. The weather was bad! The flight was delayed 40 minutes and just before landing the pilot said that we might have to go to another airport because of the low hanging thick clouds. A little later he said - we are going to land - I'm going to give it my best shot!! I started praying immediately!! Actually, it was a perfect landing!
We only had time to visit Gent which is a very old interesting city. I hope to post a couple of photos we took soon.

(Click to enlarge)

This is the state of the vineyards at the moment. I took this photo this afternoon next to our house. The scenery is completely green at the moment.


  1. Good morning!
    I have that same stamp set and sure could use some of YOUR inspiration! Your cards are always beautiful!
    Glad your plane ride was uneventful - other than the 'unknown'!

    So, how far is Belgium from you?

    ps... LOVE your photo (of you)!!!!! Gorgeous! And the vineyards are lovely, too!

  2. Jacqueline - love these two cards, they are quite different from your usual cards, but love them, love the bright colours. - your vineyard looks lovely and green.

  3. Beautiful cards, Jacqueline!! I would have started praying on that flight too!! Glad you are safe!

  4. pretty cards...looks like you're finding your inspiration!! I don't know what inspires me....I'm either inspired or I'm *not!* LOL!
    Beautiful vinyard photo!

  5. Lovely cards Jacqueline.I'm glad your journey ended safely.

    OH...and you've been TAGGED!

    Check here:



  6. Welcome back, Jacqueline. It seems as if your inspiration is coming back -- your cards are lovely! I just love clear stamps -- hardly buy wood anymore at all!

  7. Love this card, Jacqueline! I am glad your plane ride ended well & love the picture of the vineyard! I would love to see something like that someday!

    Take care & fill us in on more about your trip!

    Jenn B

  8. I love the cards esp. the pink one. I can't look at any more Hero stamps, I truly want them all. Your vineyards look beautiful, Jacqueline. Makes me yearn for Tuscany.

  9. Great cards Jacqueline, hope you win. Now off to change your link on my blog.

  10. Prachtige kaarten! Vooral de bovenste spreekt me erg aan.

  11. Jacqueline, I can never imagine you being in any type of creative slump. Each time I visit your blog and view your paper artwork as well as photography or even just reading your words (you do have a gift for writing as well) I leave your blog filled with awe and inspiration.

    BEAUTIFUL photos, as always.

  12. Well, here you are. Now, I guess I lost you for a few days.. What happened to the nest?? Missed ya. love the photos..wow, your land is fantab!!

  13. I love your cards! A pitty you couldn't make it to Antwerp. The weather here is still bad... I hope for summer!

  14. Prachtige kaartjes, vooral de roze heeft me een nostalisch gevoel.
    Maar beiden zijn heel fleurig.

  15. I wanted to buy this set of stamps yesterday (specially for the friends-stamp), but they were sold out ;-( So I need some patience.

  16. Wonderful cards Jacqueline ! super pic !

  17. lovely cards, avec une préférence pour la deuxièmes
    isa x

  18. Jacqueline! YOU MUST to to the Hero Arts blog!!!! you are #1 girl!!

    Woo Hoo!!!!

  19. Congratulations on your winning card Jacqueline!!


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