Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trying different colours - very refreshing!

This is a little stamp set that only cost six euros and it is such a fun set!
I got the idea of the stamped background strip from Lisa who made this gorgeous card. You position the stamps you want to use on your mounting block and stamp along the strip.

Another tip for small unmounted stamps is to use the top of a small square ink pad as your mount.

I made the scalloped circle by punching out circles and adhering them to the back of a smaller circle. Used alot of scraps for this card. I found this tip on the Internet but can't relocate the link unfortunately.

Just HAVE to share that this card got first place in the recent Hero Arts 'Inspiration' challenge - I had not expected it at all because I was 'dry' on inspiration at that time! So I feel so honoured and very lucky to have won 50 dollars to spend on their on-line shop which I did straight away!!

I had another little fortunate thing happen to me, a little craft boutique, somewhere here in France couldn't send me a little stamp set because they were out of stock - so they sent me a little RAK until they get them in stock again! Wow, I will order there again!

(This is our front garden - click to enlarge)

Well the heat is upon us in the South of France and it's not like 'lets get outside and enjoy it' - it's more like 'run to the nearest shady tree, stay in the swimming pool or under the parasols or STAY INSIDE AND SHUT ALL THE SHUTTERS TO KEEP THE HEAT OUT! High in the 30°'s at the moment and it takes a little getting used too! But it's not humid, it's a dry heat which I'm very thankful for!
Well we all complained about the bad weather but this gorgeous heat will get it's complaints too! But the lavender is not complaining, it thrives in this sort of climate! (See picture above)


  1. Well,I can't wait to see what else you come up with that HA set. I can see lots of possibilities for you. Love the new color combo, too.

    I think you are finding your muse again.....

  2. Love the birds card ! great background.
    Congrats for winning on HA ! :)

  3. Love your circle punch flower! Love, too, all of the ideas you come up with using the same stamps!

    How fun to win HA contest....can't wait to see what you'll create with what you buy!! Fun little goodie package you got too!!

    Thanks for the pics....I just love them!!

  4. Oh, I'm so excited that you won - well done you!!!!!! I think you needed that :-) Love the card too.
    There's you with that heat, and all we've got is rain!! That's England for you...

  5. Congratulations Jacqueline!

    Ah, I can smell the lavendar...

  6. Congratulations Jacqueline!

  7. Een dikke proficiat met je leuke prijs, Jacqueline.
    Nu ik beter ben kom ik weer vaak je blog opzoeken, je mooie kaartjes inkijken is een inspiratie voor mij

  8. Congratulations Jacqueline - also love that little birdie stamp Jacqueline and love the way you have used it on your stamp.

  9. your lavender is so pretty! I should have a bite to eat at that table, and relax among the lavender. It's hot here, too; but we have the humidity of course. We stay in the pool lots.

  10. Proficiat met je HA prijs! Ook leuk om zomaar een stempeltje te ontvangen, jij verdient dit zeker. Ik ben blij dat het warm weer is in jullie streek, nog 14 dagen en we zakken af naar het zuiden ;-)

  11. Jacqueline, I have to confess, I've sat here for nearly 10 minutes drooling over your LOVELY garden! My secret passion is to visit France one day. Your photos always make me smile! Your creations are beautiful, as always!

  12. I bet that smells heavenly, it certainly is beautiful!

  13. Lovely cards, luscious lavender, but hmmm, snakes ... no thanks :)


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