Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look who I got a visit from today!

Well wouldn't you like to get a visit like this one day??

To put it all into perspective, look at our cat and you will see the true size of this lizard! Actually the cat had carried it to the veranda as it was planning to eat it - but I decided I didn't want that to happen and managed to scare it away. The poor thing was so scared, he didn't blink an eyelid, but when it saw it's chance to escape, those little legs ran like crazy!!

I also want to share a lovely little package I got this morning, which I had won on the Just Johanna Earth Blog day. I love that little tag: 'Greetings Earthling'!!

I made this card with the little owls stamps that were inside the package - just experimenting really.

I will be in Belgium this weekend with DH who has to speak at a service where missionaries are going to be sent out to our region.
Tania - we will be in GENT;
I hope to be back next week. Have a great weekend!



  1. What a great little fellow to come visiting! Are they common to visit?! Great photo of him!

  2. WOW that little fellow is wonderful! I love the photo of him!

  3. Oh my, and I thought we had some big lizards in Florida. That guy is bigger than any I've seen; of course we have alligators here. Have a good visit with you DH.

  4. Ew! He is a little monster isn't he?

    My kitties also have eyes bigger than their tummies...

    Beautiful goodies!

  5. What interesting visitors your kitty brings home! Beautifully photographed. I love these types of everyday narratives.

    Your card is so fun.

    Have a good time next week. I'll miss your posts but will look forward to reading about your holiday when you return.

    Jennifer :)

  6. Wow, that lizard had some luck!
    Welcome to Belgium!

  7. Wat een prachtige hagedis, zo mooi van kleuren.
    prachtige stempeltjes en wat een leuke kaart die je hebt gemaakt.

    Ik wens je ook een leuk verblijf hier in België, en natuurlijk " welcome in our small country."

  8. What a beautiful critter! The cat staring at him is just so funny! Cool card as always!!

  9. bedankt voor je berichtje op mijn blog.
    je hebt een heel mooie blog met pracht werkjes.
    wel een vies beestje hé

  10. Love your card.... mmm... not sure about the lizard, but it has lovely markings

  11. Wow - that lizard is gorgeous, I'm so glad you saved him from le chat, at least for now. I had no idea there were such exotic reptiles in France!

  12. I just found your blog. Beautiful work! I had quite a chuckle over your visitor. I can relate to the cat bringing something back for a "wee snack." Our brought a whole very large snake once and left it curled up at the back door!


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