Friday, September 17, 2010


Just sharing this beautiful little gift that came in the mail today from Pia in Denmark.
Last year, after I had purchased the Real Dill stamp from Hero Arts, suddenly my eyes were opened to see that wild dill was growing all around me and I hadn't known it! Well, when Pia heard my story she took photos of the Dill plant she has in her garden, which was beautiful! Now she sent me some seeds in a beautiful vellum sachet which has been stamped, so I can plant my own. What a lovely idea.

(This is a photo that she took herself.)

Here is a picture of the dill which she posted on the flickr gallery:

Thank you Pia, I love the card as well!

Just sharing a card I made to celebrate the Autumn colors. Very soon the vineyards will change color and the colors on this card are true to life of how the vineyards will look. It's such a great time of the year especially if the Indian Summer keeps going.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Beautiful gift! I love the smell of dill. It seems to be slowly dying out in our garden, so next year, I'll have to get it started again! Love it in the summer in potato salad!

    And your card today is lovely, especially since you told us about your autumn colors there in the vineyards.

  2. What a wonderful surprise gift to receive!

    Today's autumn card is beautiful and again, I'm guessing that you used *scraps* ~ how delightful :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so glad that it finally arrived, Jacqueline :-)
    Your card is so beautiful - I like the mix of orange with the green and pinks. I visited some German vineyards once around autumn and I remember how extremely beautiful the colors were. Unfortunately there is no indian summer here :-)
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Once again, you've photographed that dill card in the most beautiful way. (My experience with dill is that while the smell is amazing, it can grow like crazy and get out of control:)
    We are ready for Indian summer here, too--so looking forward to it.

  5. hi jacqueline,
    I just discoverd your weblog and love the cards you make. The butterfly (stamp) is beautiful.
    I'm impressed by the words in your sidebar about our havenly Father being a crafter..
    beautiful words!
    you're married with a dutch man, do you speak or understand dutch also? (because in englisch I cannot always find the right words..)
    have a nice weekend!

  6. your card is gorgeous as always, Jacqueline! you are so lucky to receive Pia's card!! i saw it on her blog and thought that was very pretty! thanks for sharing!

  7. It is an amazing gift you resived from Pia. She is such a sweet and nice person with the heart on the right spot.

    I love your grid card. No one can make them like you.

  8. What a sweet gift!

    Love your autumn card. It is so beautiful and needs to be framed! (Along with everything else you create!!!) Love the mix of leaves, script and butterflies! You've tied them all together perfectly!

  9. Both projects are absolutely beautiful and how gracious of Pia to send you such a wonderful gift! She's such a sweetheart!

  10. How wonderfully thoughtful of Pia. Your card is lovely - all those colours of the leaves. We noticed that the leaves on the trees in Paris were starting to change colours even though to us, the weather was still very warm. We thoroughly loved Paris and had a days outing to Monet's gardens in Giverny and the Palace at Versailles. Such beauty!!!!

  11. Isn't that such a special gift, so beautifully presented.
    Your card is a burst of autumnal colours, so rich. Beautiful. There is a definite autumn "nip" in the air in Scotland now. Lynne M x

  12. Wonderful gift from Pia with a beautiful card. Gorgeous autumn card. Love the inchies and what a lovely card.

  13. What a shining card! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing about the gift you received. It is very thoughtful and creative.


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