Friday, December 17, 2010

Home-made Collage Stamp

Haven't been well the last couple of days with a throat infection, just laid in bed, so boring!
Last night I crept into my room because I got a flash of inspiration while thinking about the new Bird collage stamps from Hero Arts. I thought to myself, I'm going to see if I can make my own as a personal little Christmas stamp, so I did.

After I did the stamping, I scanned it and printed it out on patterned paper and made this tag. This way I can use the image in all sizes and print it out endlessly. I suppose its now a digital stamp!

Stamps used are Robin from Artistic Outpost stamp plate 'Birds of a feather', which can be found here, bird sentiment is Crafty Individuals as well as the postmark, the holly stamp is unknown to me and the script is from Aladin, a French make.

My second card today is one I made last week as I was playing with the Paris Rose ArtPrints stamp from Hero Arts

Paris Rose

I might have to adapt this one to Christmas too.
Have a lovely weekend! My two sons are returning home for Christmas from Holland tomorrow, haven't seen them for three months so I hope the weather will remain o.k. for the journey!

Oh yes, I got a very nice Christmas gift from Sue yesterday with Beautiful tags from Melissa Frances, a gorgeous collage stamp, bits and pieces and this beautiful material cone, which I have hung on the Christmas tree. I am totally overwhelmed by the generosity of a lot of American women, I think you lead in the whole world!



  1. Both are so beautiful! Love what you created! So happy for you that your family will be together for Christmas! Feel better!

  2. Two lovely creations....just gorgeous! Have a great time with your sons. Lucky you!!!

  3. oh, wat naar dat je ziek was! Hoop dat het nu beter gaat?
    Je hebt toch mooie dingen gemaakt. Soms moet je gewoon he, zelfs al lig je dan in bed, inpiratie gaat gewoon door ;)
    Goede reis voor je zoons. Het is nu droog hier in zuidwestnederland, en de wegen zijn aardig schoon van het zout en de zon.
    Goed weekend en beterschap nog als je dit nodig hebt!

  4. Hello Jaqueline,
    I love your Christmas card! Very nice colours, I like that pink.

    The Paris Rose ArtPrints stamps are lovely. I think you can make totally different kind of creations with them.
    Have a very nice weekend, together with all of your children!
    Greetings, Judith

  5. Jacqueline, can you believe I had the exact same idea to try and mimic that new bird collage stamp? The difference is, I didn't follow through - I love your idea and may work on it today. Feel better soon!

  6. Hi Jacqueline, Both of your card are so beautiful. I love how the second one is framed.. And how clever are thinking up your own stamp.. While you are sick.. pretty amazing. Hope you have a great time with your Boys!

    Hugs, Linda

  7. I love the design of your stamp. your collage work is really beautiful.
    hope you feel better soon

  8. Jacqueline, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are
    better soon.
    Thanks for sharing your collage idea. I have been tempted to buy collage stamps so many times -- and then thought to myself, "I can make that with the stamps I have."
    You've given me inspiration to try my hand at it. I hadn't thought of scanning it to reuse it -- brilliant!

  9. Gorgeous collage card, Jacqueline! I hope your throat feels better soon!

  10. Gorgeous creations! You are a wonder! Hope your infection goes away real soon! Take care my friend!

  11. wonderful collage, what a great idea to scan and reuse it ! I love that robin stamp, need to have another play with now I have seen what you can do with it.Thanks for the inspiration !

  12. Both cards are gorgeous Jacqueline. You are so creative and such an inspiration! lavender & roses - Susanne

  13. Beautiful collage stamping and such a brilliant idea to scan it to print on lovely papers for many different looks...your creativity is always so amazing! I will have to get out my Paris Rose stamp and start playing again, I just love the results you get with it.
    Enjoy your time with your sons, my heart is rejoicing with you as there is nothing so wonderful as seeing our children after they've been away for awhile.
    Hoping you will be feeling better really soon (I've been down this week too with a nasty cold).
    bless you, dear friend!

  14. I hope you are feeling a bit better.
    I love your work; your creations are stunning and I'm impressed by your talents. These projects are gorgeous. Pink and brown are a perfect ( and classic) color combo and the soft shades of green and pink on the second one is one of my favorite color schemes. Love it!
    Enjoy your presents!

  15. So creative! Glad you are feeling better! What a great idea and I love that you scanned it and turned it digital! I hope your sons are able to make it home!

  16. I hope you are feeling better soon. I love how you create your own collage stamp. It´s so much more fun til create one selves. Your other card is beautiful too.
    I hope you have a good christmas with your boyes.

  17. glad you are getting better. How enterprising to make you own digital image Jacqueline. And it is just beautiful. Very inspiring as I see others have taken up the idea. Glad to hear all your family are home and hope you have a blessed Christmas

  18. What a great idea to stamp and then save copies on your computer! Both your cards are lovely! So sorry to hear you havent been feeling well. get better soon!
    Enjoy the time with your boys over the holidays!

  19. I'm so sorry to hear of your infection Jacqueline...hoping you are better soon! What a blessing it will be to see your boys. Have a wonderful holiday season.
    Wonderful collage!

  20. both are so pretty! love your home made stamps! hope you are feeling better!

  21. Your cards are absolutely exquisite! I truly cannot remember the last time I was so inspired! Ordinarily I am not drawn to vintage collage, but you have mastered the art to a new level! Thank you so much for sharing! I desperately want to subscribe for your blog posts, but for some reason lately everytime I try to click on the "posts" at the bottom all I get is a page of text. I have not had the opportunity to solve the problem, but know that you have a HUGE fan that is in awe of your talent!

  22. Wow, Jacqueline, this is a gorgeous collage, and such a clever idea. Love both of your projects and your gift cone. Hoping you're feeling well again soon - something tells me your sons coming home will be the perfect remedy. :) Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Thank you so much for visiting my daughter's post and leaving such a sweet comment - she's thrilled! ;)

  23. Lovely cards! Wonderful gift you received from Sue. Hope you are feeling better!


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