Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dreaming of far-away places - CHALLENGE - Vintage Veranda

My challenge for the second half of January with the theme 'Dreaming of far-away places' can be found here at the Vintage Veranda.
The challenge is to create a grid card! It can be in any form or size - you can use big or small squares, a card full of squares or just a couple - anything that in some way applies to the theme.

In this card I have put two faces inbetween the squares who have a dreamy look on their faces and the music and script have a liason with Paris. Please get your inspiration caps on and join us in this final challenge for January. I am offering four beautiful pages of vintage images to the one whose name will be randomly drawn from the hat at the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing what you create!! Please tag your card JAN09GA1 and enter it here in the Vintage Veranda gallery.


  1. This is such a beautiful card and a great challenge!

  2. This is really lovely! I love how you split your grids with the scalloped edge and the lace print along the side of the card is really beautiful! I will try to take you up on your challenge.. (I have to admit I have tried your grid cards before but they never made it to post as I struggle with making them as beautiful as yours!)


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