Sunday, January 17, 2016

Quick grid card in diecut

Why didn't anybody tell me one could eat all the greens leaves of vegetables - why have I thrown away turnip, califlower, beetroot, broccoli, sweet potatoe leaves and how many other precious nutrious, vitamin-full vegetable leaves, the best part of the plant? Just last week I got some beautiful turnips from the market, I steam the bulbs with other veggies to eat with a roast - and I looked up on Internet if I could eat the leaves.... apparently they are the best part of the whole plant and can be used in soup or steamed down to a spinach-like mush. So I made soup with them - what a gorgeous peppery flavour! I asked the man at the market why he didn't sell the leaves on his beetroot - he looked at me flabbergasted! You can eat beetroot leaves raw in the salad. Take a look at the vitamins they contain here. And if you juice every day just put them in and drink them up!

And then I thought, isn't life just like that too - we don't know that we are missing the most important part of life and wouldn't it be tragic if we threw away what we don't know. How can we afford to miss that God sent His only begotten Son on a Cross to reconcile us to Him? He wants to love us, to cherish us, to help us - His arms are wide open and so often we live life without Him, the best part there is! My heart overflows with thanksgiving that I came to know God through meeting Jesus and reading the Bible. I cannot imagine living life without it.

Now to a little share.
A while ago, Betty sent me some embossed apetures. I wanted to do some Wedding cards with wine labels but when I actually get down to making them they just don't work. If I just sit down to create without a plan cards just seem to come together....

Anyway with this card, I used an embossed aperture front and decorated the inside with little scraps that I save.

A picture of Joël with Sérena, she is growing!

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Jacqueline this card is wonderful!!! And thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  2. i'm glad you could make a card with the embossed die cuts - and it turned out wonderfully - very "you" with a new twist. and i didn't know about the beetroot leaves either - great added tidbit.

  3. Jacqueline this is such a beautiful card - I too do better when I try not to force a card into a mold - I don't even like sketches these days!
    Thank you for your information about the vegetable leaves.

  4. Fabulous card and post Jacqueline.

  5. Just love your circles in a the window, Jacqueline - such a great combo of patterns!

  6. Beautiful card and That photo is precious!!

  7. Very pretty design, love the corner embossing too... wow she is getting big :)

  8. Beautiful card as always. Since I've lots of scraps needing to be turned into something, I'm going to punch some circles, some hearts and some butterflies and go from there. Thanks for the inspiration. Your son and grand daughter look wonderful and must bring you great joy! Love greens, everything from spinach, collard greens, turnip greens, and beyond, especially when cooked properly...not mushy or bitter.

  9. Beautiful card. The colors of the circles are fantastic. I am so excited that you love our God, Lord, and Savior. He is all we need and He is our strength.
    Thank you for sharing.


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