Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Set of Five Notes Cards in Collage style with Bird-prints

Hello everyone - very hard to create and concentrate in this hot weather!

I did manage to make some cards for my Etsy shop, helped by a fan on my desk.
My shop is called Souvenir de la France btw.

I discovered some beautiful bird-prints a while ago which really lend themselves to the vintage collage style and I had some lovely patterned papers to combine them in the mix and match fashion.

These are in the white/beige/pink/red and green color combo.

I also made some in blue and green.

Thanks for popping by and enjoy the summer!


  1. these are gorgeous, Jacqueline!! thanks for all the inspiration for using these pretty bird cards. i need a card for a friend who is an avid birdwatcher so think i'll just CASE one of these!

  2. What beautiful card Jacqueline - such gorgeous soft colours and the birds are gorgeous against them.

  3. These are all gorgeous, as everyone has said, but it's true! I especially love the blue and green color combos!

  4. They are all just beautiful, gorgeous images and such lovely cards you have created with them

  5. Lovely cards! I love to see how you always find new ways to create!


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