Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday - Revisiting...June 2010

rrI have just got back from Holland. I couldn't tell you beforehand because my MIL visits my blog now and again. It was a surprise visit as she was 80 years old on Saturday. She started to cry when she saw that all her children and grandchildren had gathered to surprise her. We had a lovely celebration time and enjoyed our stay. Joël stayed home with David, bless his heart, so that we would have our hands free to move around a bit.

Revisiting June 2010

Today I am going to revisit a grid card I made in June 2010. This is my case of it, which is probably a winter version of the summer version below.

Inchie card - Summer fun

Tonight I will be making quiche with fresh green asparagus.. It is the time of year to collect them fresh from the wooded areas where they grow wild and we have a little patch near to where we live where they can be found. I took a picture of our find this afternoon. They are delicious.

They are a little delicacy here in France.

Hope you are all well!!


  1. These are both so beautiful, Jacqueline! I love how I always get a fresh idea when I visit your blog - today I am focusing in on how you've stamped your hydrangea in red over the text in the one square, and the use of the photo corner in another square. Of course, the "whole" is wonderful, too, LOL! My mouth is watering for fresh asparagus - we used to have a patch when I was growing up. Have a lovely evening.

  2. Hi Jacqueline, love both these grid cards, I really love the reds in the top one, fabulous. Please check out my blog here as I have made a card inspired by you for Joy's challenge. Hugs

  3. Amazing job on both cards Jacqueline - beautiful!

  4. Hi Jacqueline, both of your grid cards are beautiful ... the first card has a wonderful warmth to it, I love your reds ... the second card is light and fresh and has a feeling of joy and happiness ... as if the flowers are dancing in the forest! That asparagus looks so tender! I grow asparagus in the garden. It takes three years before you can pick it for eating. But I've had wild asparagus ... it's sooo much tastier! (...still snow on the ground here ... just starting to melt) Have a safe and happy week Jacqueline!

  5. I love all the colors your bring together in your grid cards, they're both lovely. The aspargas look great -- I love the skinny ones:0

  6. Both cards are so beautiful! Love the different versions for the seasons! Your asparagus looks delicious! One of my favorite veggies! Our snow here is finally melting but colder weather is on the way again next week. . .just hoping it doesn't snow! Have a lovely week, my friend!

  7. Hoi Jaqueline,
    je was weer in holland! Dat was even heen en weer dan? Gefeliciteerd met je schoonmoeder, 80 jaar, dat is twee keer zo oud als ik;) Mijn schoonmoeder werd vandaag 81!
    Het zijn beiden mooie kaarten. En wilde asperges!
    nu al? Ik heb er nog nooit van gehoord! Ze zullen vast heerlijk zijn..
    Fijne week, groetjes,

  8. Beautiful remake, Jacqueline! I adore asparagus and didnt' realize it grew wild! Lucky, lucky you! In a quiche sounds wonderful - yours are so tiny and tender - that's the way I like them. YUMM!!

  9. I love the winter version of your card, Jacqueline! The reds are delicious!

  10. Wow.... love the muted look to your card today. Love the original too... what a nice thing to do for your MIL.. I bet she was over the moon at the end of the day...

  11. HOw lovely of you to travel to holland for the 80th birthday of your MIL. And with David in safe and good hands I think that you had a wonderful time. I know you love all your sons dearly but it's nice to have your hands free now and then....
    I love your take on the grid card. The one with the reds looks so warm; a sort of classic chique. I love the bright and elegant look of the second one. Both are gorgeous :)
    And wild asparagus; within a few weeks we can eat asparagus here too. But no wild asparagus.... But I love them. A quiche made with them sounds delicious!

  12. Love the summer version of your card, fabulous how little touches just change the mood and feel of this card! What a lovely surprise for your MIL, such a special occasion, glad you enjoyed your time in Holland.

  13. Both are so beautiful! Love your grid cards because of the details on each inchie is so wonderful and you are in a mini art gallery looking at individual masterpieces!

  14. Hi Jacqueline! I am so happy that you got to go back to Holland for a little while! Love your summer grid card, oh my, if only I could create something like that! Asparagus...yummy!

  15. I really love these cards too.
    Beautiful. Anneke.


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